Death in the Night

Death in the Night

Feeling linger but, will they stay in the dark of the night by the time comes day?

I based this poem off of people's general reaction to change. I am comparing the night to those who demean others unlike anyone. I was inspired by my own lifestyle, frankly. I appreciate poetry because it has meaning deeper than you could ever imagine. You can live in the poems that you write.
Some poems that I enjoy are:

Chapter 1


The night haunts.
The night prowls.
The night daunts.
The night howls.

The night sings.
The night stays.
The night brings
after days.

The night sets.
The night starts.
The night gets
many hearts.

But when you look up into the sky,
You think of how you will die.
For now you feel alive
and want to feel and thrive.

The feelings stay,
and you may
feel alone
by day.


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