Signs (an original story)

Chapter 1


On the summer of 2012 a flu broke out, it was a new type of flu, a flu that affected not a great amount of people. It was thought as nothing unordinary, since it wasn’t deadly but there first came the signs, the signs that something was a little different. Certain people became suddenly incredibly skilled at something they were not before, such as running, drawing and persuasion. It was seen as miraculous but then the changes got bigger. In autumn, a small percentage of people became almost inhuman in that they could do extraordinary things, such as holding their breath underwater for longer than a normal person, or jumping higher than the Olympians had ever only the subject would have had no practice. It was odd, and people soon became suspicious of this sudden bounce in people’s skill without any training in that field. At first they blamed it on an unknown or modified drug, but the people were drug-tested and to no avail.

Then everything changed. The biggest jump was made. About 5% of the population was . . . inhuman. They inherited ‘powers’ such as being able to control weather, move things without touching them, talk to animals, read others minds- the list went on. This was extraordinary but it was also seen as dangerous. After all, what if one of the people effected was a criminal, a murderer perhaps. Being able to control the weather for instance, would enable them to kill millions. As the percentage of people affected rose higher people became more suspicious of them. Now if anything bad happened it was blamed on these ‘mutations’ as they were now called. If there was a fire somewhere it was their fault, the mutation with that power would be tracked down and thrown into prison. People were in anguish, so many mutations had been thrown in prison they seemed like an entirely bad race of people.

Then the 2012 elections came. Amongst the candidates came a man whom no one had heard of before, David Hills. He was an average-looking man but his speech was not average candidate material. David Hills proclaimed that laws against mutants must be established- they should have their name down on a registrar and be kept away from the humans, they should give way to humans and set about making their lives easier, the children who were mutants would go to a separate school with no humans in it, mutants would only be allowed to give birth to one child (so the population was kept low), mutants were scum and they would not be allowed to vote, to drive, to drink alcohol or get high-paid jobs.

What David Hills stood for scared the mutations. If David Hills was elected they would be seen as scum, as a piece of chewing gum stuck under someone’s shoe, a pain, a nuisance, a nothing. It was dreadfully unfortunate that David Hills was elected and this is a story about his daughter, Lorna.

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