Smosh, Pewds, and Dudes. (AFY) {Academy for Youtubers.}

So, I borrowed the idea from GAZ/Tansy so, props to her! :}
This will obviously include Smosh and Pewdiepie cause of what i've observed, you guys like them most!

Chapter 1

I'm scared right now. >,< (Quote Pewdiepie.)

Hey so i'm gonna make a story about my character below, (Skylar.) Attending obviously, an academy for youtubers founded by youtube so people of the same category can meet each other.

Name: Skylar Price
Nicknames: Sky
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Youtuber
Youtuber for: Fun music videos, blogs, tutorials, and song covers
Youtube Name: Skysoflylikewhoosh
Appearance: Long curly dirty blonde hair, tan skin, about 5'7, grey blue eyes, skinny, square glasses/sunglasses, and she is very pretty, yet she doesn't think so.
Personality: Fun, awkward, energetic, funny, smart, kind, adventurous, daredevil, rebellious
Interests: Photography, art. Reading, singing, dancing, drawing.
Dislikes: Bullies and rude people
Friends: Ricky Dillon (PICKLEandBANANA) , Jc Caylen (jccaylen), the O2L boys (Ricky, Kian, Sam, Trevor, Ricardo, Jc) thatsojack (Jack), Smosh (Ian and Anthony.), and Pewdiepie
Love interest: TBA
Short Bio/ Draw My Life: I was born in San Diego September 11, 1994 and I was a month early. When I was young, I got all up in all sorts of trouble. I almost bit off my tongue, and gave myself two black eyes once. I was a troublesome weird child. My parents divorced when I was eight. When I was 11, j cut my toe and got send to the hospital. I had to get crutches for two weeks. That sucked. I cut my toe again when I was 14 and again, got sent to the hospital. But it was on different feet and different toes. I have one brother and he"s 13. I live with my mom. I had a bad past, and horrible bullying. I got called a slut, and ugly. I hated it. It drove me over the edge and luckily stopped when I got into high school. I found peace on youtube, making videos, and a lot of friends I have today, like Jc, Kian, Ricky, and all of Our Second Life. I'm so thankful for youtube. And I hope one day becoming a singer. Thanks for watching me Draw My Life. (It was like a video)

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