fairytale love...(dirty)

Chapter 1


by: kingpimp2
You were the last person I hugged. there were tears in your eyes. a frown on your face. I spend the hole year never using the words I love you cause I was to scared to commit,and scared of what might happen after I say those words. it was the saddest moments of my life. it was the end of a fairy tale. and the worst part of it was that in life there are no play backs and you can't reread it like its a book. instead we look forward drink and smoke while trying to relive the days that made us who we are today. life is short,people come and go and I'm scared you won't come back. fear runs our lives,the people who try and be heros unlike in the movies they often just wound up the joke or extremely hurt. I'm not saying people should be cowards but the world would certainly be a happier plays if we all were to scared to create fairy tales. to put our hearts on the line not knowing what would happen to them. but then there would be nothing to live for. no beautiful smile on the pillow next to you. no spending moments thinking of situations that would require you to be the hero and protect the one you love. no plans for the future. most people say girls over think things but I seriously doubt that. guys plan everything not just weddings but we got the baby names,employment, family holidays,sport games and all the other events that come with that. we do what ever it takes to keep the ones we love happy. guess that's why males never open up themselves too much. cause once we have,and our heads have started the plans its very hard to change those plans. when we in it,we expect it to be for ever. we open that book and start the fairy tale,the story of how I met your mother if you will. so to erase and start the book from scratch is a hard task. And we tend to hate doing things more than once. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm opening my heart once more. hoping you will come back to my world. be my shooting star. I don't want another girl that I can refer to as the one that got away. or to look back at old albums playing the what if game again. as much as the end of love can hurt and often destroy any human more than any physical pain this little world of ours has to offer,love is the greatest thing this universe has. simply said there is no life without love. or at least none with living.


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