Mister Misfit

This is my entry for the Writing Contest(WC16).

Chapter 1

Where do you belong?

by: Shackled
Mister Misfit feels so alone.
He left is house, thought it wasn't a "home,"
For nobody liked him, they screamed and they yelled.
He had to leave that awful circle of Hell.

Oh, Mister Misfit, where do you belong?
Though you've had no friends, you've managed to stay strong.
You've tried too hard to become part of a group,
But when they didn't accept you, you learned to recoup.

You seem so happy, yet I know it's untrue.
I see the melancholy mess inside you.
If I could make it all go away, I would.
I know you're only misunderstood.

You see, you have a gentle heart.
I've truly loved you from the start.
If you could just say you'll mine,
Both of our lives would just align.

Take my heart and take my hand.
Together, now and forever, we'll stand.
Once we walk through that open door,
Mister Misfit will be no more.

This poem was inspired by some of my own personal experiences and experiences that have happened around me. I think we've all felt like a misfit at one point or another and I like to express poetry through a common feeling.
I'm often inspired by my friends or very strong trials and exposures to powerful actions. I can also be inspired by scenes I witness and landscapes I see. I love to write about the beauty around us, whether it be in nature or in a child I meet at a store.

Provided below are three links to poetry that I greatly enjoy.
(Because I Could Not Stop For Death - Emily Dickinson)

(The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost)

(The Tempest - William Shakespeare) That one is actually a play, but it's well-worth the read.

Thank you so much for reading this! Please comment, rate, and tell your friends!
-Taylor Michele Marker


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