Angie and Devi (an original story)

Angie and Devi (an original story)

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Chapter 1

Angie and Devi

If this were a normal story about a normal girl I would introduce myself first, but this is not a normal story about a normal girl so I think it’s settled that I don’t introduce myself first. I will, however, introduce you to, Angie. Angie is one of those people who are so sweet it’s sickening and so optimistic you almost hope something bad happens to them just to see their reaction. Everyone loves Angie- why would they not?

My name is Devi and I’m the straight-forward, pessimistic sister of Angie. Angie and I are twins, Angie being the oldest. I’m unpopular and I’m not exaggerating when I say that everyone hates me because it’s true, they do. When people think of Angie they think of happiness and hope, when they think of me they think of despair and anger. People make rumours about me, that I bribe people into doing bad things but I don’t. I promise you that that’s all they are, rumours, gossip.

What people don’t realise is that without Angie, there would be no Devi and without Devi, there would be no Angie. You cannot have one without the other. She is Angel and I am Devil. She brings life and I bring death. You cannot have life without death, and you cannot have death without life. They say that death is bad but it’s not, I mean, people have to die sometime. The fact that life is limited is why people appreciate it. She is Angel and I am Devil and together we beg of you, love life, there’s plenty of time to be dead.


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