Black Snowflake: Sirius Black Marauder Story

Sirius Black, a player.
Sirius Black, a ladies man.
Sirius Black, a marauder.
Sirius Black, a guy who keeps asking me out every time he see's me.

Chapter 1

Genivieve Snow with friends and family Intro

Name: Genivieve Snow
Age: 15
Year: 5
House: Gryffindor
Friends: Lily, Dani, her sisters
Enemys: Marauders, most slytherins
Wand: 6 1/2 Inches, unicorn hair, dragon heat string
Words from her:
Hey Hey Hey. My names Genivieve, but call me Genny or GenGen, the marauders call me snowflake. I am a witch, Im also a metemorphasis, but I like looking normal. So, my family Is crazed, they keep saying I have powers beond magic, like contolling wether and reading minds, but I have tried and I can't do any of that? I am a regestered animagi, all of my family are animagi so they wanted me to be no different, we learn when we're 8, yep, It's realy young, but my family apart from me and my sisters where In Ravenclaw, we're different. my animagus form is a squirrel. I have three sisters, One Is called Rebbeca, she my second youngest sister, she's In third year. My oldest sister Is called Megan, She Is also our legial gardien because our parents died In an accedent at the ministry. She Is 21 and has left hogwarts, she works as an auror. my youngest sister Is 10 and will come to hogwarts next year, she called Bella. Danielle's Animagus Is an owl, Rebbeca's Is a rabbit, and Bella's Is a fox. I love the three of them. I have two besties and I will describe them

Lily Evans
A realy hard worker, top grades In everything! She Is smart and always studdies, she Is always dragging me and Dani along to the library, or should I say her and Dani are always dragging ME along to the library with them. She Is a beautiful red head who deserves any guy, well, apart from potter.. He never stops bugging her, and Black neer stops bugging me, whats up with the two of them? Anyway, Lily Is the best friend a girl could have. The picture above was not taken by a muggle camera, It was drawn and coloured my Dani, she an amazing artest.

Dani Robbets
Dani Is a goodie goodie two shoes, never breaks any rules, has never skipped class, but nethier have I or Lily, but still, she could be more of a risk taker, even Lilz has been out after curfew, although that was an accedent, but still. She's realy good at drawing. She has a secret that only me and Lilz know; she's a mermaid. When she touchs water (shower and bath exluded) she grows a tail. Only me and Lilz know about this. She doesn't become a mermaid in the shower or bath, only when she goes swimming for a long time. Anyway, she Is a realy good friend.

Rebbeca Snow
She Is 13 and also In gryffindor, she says she wants to be lke me when she grows up, I think thats so sweet, she's not my youngest Sister though, she still my little girl. My nickname for her Is Beca, she calls me GenGen, that a name only my family and friends can use, no one else! Her animagus Is a rabbit.

Bella Snow
My youngest Sister who Is going to hogwarts next year. Bella Is so cute, and she looks up to me and so we set her a good example. She Is just the cutest girl ever. Her animagus Is a fox.

My oldest Sister Megan refused to let me put up a photo, so I'll just tell you about her. She Is the best sister In the whole wide wizarding world, and In the muggle world too, she works as an auror for the ministry just like mum and dad, then again, thats how they died, ok Im getting worried, but Megan Is smart enough not to get Into danger. She 21 and her animagus Is an owl and she told me when I was younger, she had lots of trouble trying to learn to fly.

So thats me and my family and friends, thanks for reading about my life so far.

A/n: my new marauder story, I alread have a few chapters writen, so more is comming

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