I Look in the Mirror...

Created on 3.29.13 at around 12:30 PM EST. :3 Enjoy!

Chapter 1

I Look in the Mirror....

by: Marfabu
I look in the mirror and all that I see,
is the reflection of a girl who I know is not me.
Her eyes are quite brown,
her hair quite long,
but she sings the lyrics of the saddest song.

She is the girl,
who you want to be,
but she wants to be out of her body.

She's teased,
she's always been one to please,
pleasing everyone, oh can't you see?
How hurt she is,
and what she could possibly be.

She could be great,
this girl in the mirror,
but you brought her down,
down to the ground.

I look in the mirror,
and all that I see,
is the reflection of a girl,
who I know is not me...
I was inspired to write this poem by how I feel when I look in the mirror (hence the title "I Look in the Mirror"). The girl in this poem is a blurry reflection of who I am. As I've always been one to please others before I can make myself happy, and as I'm bullied at school. And then I look around and see what I could be. Who I might be able to be someday, when I push my way out of this hell. As weird as it seems, this poem is inspiration to me, because of how, sometimes, I just want to give up. But I know I can't.
I get my inspiration to write poetry from the little things in life. This is one of my more emotional ones, but I can write happier ones, too. My biggest inspiration was when my grandma died. I was very close to her, and it brought me to a realization that all good things must come to an end, as people say. It taught me that we can't live in bliss forever, you know?
The reason I appreciate poetry is because it is an emotional outlet for people like me, the types of people who can't really express what is on their minds without their fear of being judged coming up. It helps everyone going through a rough time. And even if you're not one of the best poets or writers, it helps, at least, let you get your emotions out.
One of the poets that I enjoy is right here on Quibblo. She is also one of my best friends. Her username is SparkAlchemist and her profile link is:
My personal favorite poem that she has written is called "Him". Here's the link, if you'd want to check it out!
So thanks for taking the time to read this poem and stuff! I hope you liked it! :3


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