Aphrodite's Disgrace (Group Story, Sign up!)

Hi, I'm Katey Evens, resident of Camp Half-Blood. Have you seen me before? The tomboy with the wavy blonde hair always covered by a baseball cap? The one that solemnly swears never to fall in love? Yeah, that's me -- daughter of Aphrodite.

Chapter 2

Daughter of Aphrodite and Others

Katey Evans is the daughter of Aphrodite. She lives on Camp Half-Blood, and for all of her life. When she was there, she began to make friends, like every other child does. These other people were the other residents that lived there.
Now, she's a teen. And she has still sworn not to fall in love. Not for long.

One day, at her school, she was trying to open her locker.
A couple boys were looking.
"Damn that girl looks cute!" one of the boys said."She's so cute, I wanna ask her out."
Katey was shy, but then, one of the boys asked her out
"Sorry, but I've sworn not to fall in love." Katey replied after he asked Katey out.
"C'mon girl." The guy replied.
"Ok ok ok" Katey replied.
Katey liked this guy that asked her out.
So Aphrodite is the goddess of love and Katey has sworn not to fall in love? Why? You might find out in the next chapter.

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