Love Train

Let me tell you a story,
Before someone takes the glory
It was in the 7th grade,
I felt a bit afraid
I thought without a doubt
That somehow he would find out
All of a sudden he knew,
I felt it was a cue
To not avoid him and stay friends,
Perhaps until the very end
I will give you a clear picture of what I think of this boy,
Hopefully it is a powerful poem you will enjoy

Chapter 1

Trying to Catch The Love Train

I will always remember
The 17th in December,
A gift I shyly presented
I hoped he would not resent it
I looked at his long lashes above the blue eyes,
I think of the magic before it dies
I think of the blond hair on his head,
I think of the crush before its dead
I think of my feelings for him in vain,
Am I too late for the love train?
Every time I buy a ticket at the station,
There is always crisis in the nation
I get to the train minutes too late,
My guess is this is just fate
As the train goes off on its tracks,
I know there is nothing it lacks
He is the main thought going through my mind
I know his love train is sure to leave me behind

I wish he would talk to me more,
Maybe I should bike by his door
I will do what it takes to get his attention,
As long as I do not end up in suspension
He has only a few flaws,
I don't know what is the cause
If only he would be taller
Instead of being smaller
Maybe if he would be less weird,
But that is not what I feared
Over all, he is still a great attraction,
He can always get a good reaction
He is just so amazing
That is why I am gazing
Perhaps this person is my one true love,
Maybe he was sent from heaven above
I think of his lovely voice sounding so sweet
I think of desks a while ago, oh what a treat!
We sat beside each other chair by chair,
I could always see his amazing hair
I think of his emotions, of course, his heart
has someone thrown a big sharp dart?

Is his heart frail and broken?
Or is it fresh and newly awoken?
Has his heart been already mended?
And which path is it headed?
I think of the thoughts in his brain
Am I on his love train?
I think of the moments spent partly together,
I think of the dreams of us, happy as ever
I think of love, which can be quite dreary
but the people attracted to it are really dreamy
I think of his run that looks so cute
Am I on his love or hate route?

Archie Comics are the ones he reads
At school he has done many good deeds
When I am old and using a cane,
I will think "Did I miss his love train?"
I think of the girls he likes to talk to,
Is it you Bryden? Or maybe it is you!
I think if the girl maybe might be me,
Nah, that is only a dream...
Even to be alone with him for an entire day
I would not trade for a thousand dollars, no way!
There is no word to describe how I feel
all I can say is this does not seem real
Does he care for me at all?
Or will he let my heart fall?
I am sure he is just a comrade
Of that at least I am glad
I wonder what are his emotions?
In class, so many commotions
Everyone talking about the crush,
It has all been such a rush
I think of him as my little world
but he is attracted to another pearl
His cute four letter name,
In my head, it earned its fame
Does he know what he is worth to me?
Does he know what is meant to be?
I will always wonder,
While there is thunder
All I have been doing in this pouring rain,
Is trying to catch his love train


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