Wiccan Myths (PLEASE READ!!)

All of these stories were written by me, but they are still true. It's not as though I made them up, i just knew them, i felt that they were real. If there are words you don't know, you can see them below.

Chapter 1

The First Sirens

Once upon a time, in Ireland, there were three sisters, Muriel, Ula and Meridith. They were young, beautiful witches. They all carried great beauty, power and a large amount of riches, yet the elder two of the sisters were discontent. One day, Muriel said;
"We are the witches of this village, and we have done much for these people. However, we are not as beautiful, or as rich or powerful as we could be. We could be immortal, and yet we are not! Do we not deserve much for our services?"

Ula replied "I agree with your wisdom, sister. But what are we to do? Cast a spell? I know of nothing. Meredith, you are always absorbed in those books of yours. Can you think of anything?" Meredith, who was content with her beauty and power, frowned and said "Why would we need such a thing?"

Muriel replied in a frustrated tone " Because we are not content! Do you know of a spell or not?" Meredith was used to being ordered around by her sisters and so she complied.
"I know of a spell, but there are many risks involved." Meredith warned "There is always a price to pay in magic. Do you wish to risk it sisters?"
They both did, and so they began the spell the next night. According to the spell, they had to each bring one thing that they cared about dearly, one piece of food that would be a good sacrifice. They were to throw them into the fire as sacrifices.

For the first offering, Muriel gave a sack of gold. Ula gave a drop of her blood, and Meridith gave the ashes of her dead grandmother. For the second offering, Muriel gave a tree, Ula gave a pewter necklace, and Meredith gave one of her fingers. For the third offering Muriel gave some meat from their best goat. Ula gave some goat's milk and Meredith gave an assortment of fruits, cheese, grain and fish and an assortment of grains.

Meredith told each sister that for the spell to work, they had to give something more, for the spell needed one final sacrifice, for nothing had happened yet. Muriel said "If this spell is to work, we need something bigger, more important. If this spell does work, we shall all become immortal, and therefore have no fear of death." And with that, she stabbed a knife into her heart and flung herself into the fire. Ula smile cruelly, but instead of giving herself,she gave a young orphaned girl. Blind with rage at her sisters' foolishness she screamed, and gave her breath and voice in the process. She fell down dead.

The last sister standing, Ula, began to chant:
"Demons in hell
Hear my call
Bring forth thy power unto us

Devils and beasts of the underworld
Evils that exist in only the dream-world
Bring forth beauty unto us

I call forth all dark witches
I call upon the dark moon
to bring forth riches unto us

I call all evil
I call all dark things
To give eternal life unto us

On the last two words the fire crackled and popped and turned a bright shade of green, and then faded to black. The earth beneath her feet shook, and all of the villagers awoke, startled from their dreams. Suddenly, the earth split in two beneath her feet and she only had enough time to move out of the way. Demons of all sorts, dark fay, vampires and wolves crawled out. Evil spirits and other things unnamed crawled out of that pit, swarming crawling. Ula saw what she had done, saw the error of her ways, and with her last bit of strength, moved most of the villagers, herself and her sisters' dead bodies to a cave far away, but they could still see the town.

Now, deep in the underworld, the ruler of hell and the hell dimensions saw that all of her charges had left. Her name is and was Hecate, a goddess, and one of the eldest of the gods. She desperately tried to bring them back to her, but there were to many. For a month and a day she tried, protecting the villagers in their cave. Finally, she went to her sisters and brothers and asked them to help her close up the newly named Hellmouth.

They did, using all of their magic combined to seal it up and to put the monsters back. However, the demons had spread about the globe by that time, and they only confined a little over half of the evil in the world.

Hecate found that it was the sisters doing, and she went to find them, angered but also impressed. She found the two graves for the eldest and youngest outside the cave. She entered and found Ula. Hecate told her that she was proud of such great witches, being the mother of them. She said she would reward them.
"I heard that you were searching for beauty. Here is beauty enough as too make a man weep." She snapped her fingers and Ula became enchantingly beautiful, along with her sisters in their shallow graves.

"I also heard that you wanted power, then you shall have it. Every time you sing, a man shall come to you, and you will eat him." She said, and so it became so.

"And of course, if you want riches, well you can have all of the riches under the sea." And each of the sisters grew a tail. Ula fell to the ground, her black tail flopping around uselessly.

"And I believe that the last request was immortality. That is easily granted!" And she snapped her fingers once more. Ula's heart started beating slower, and then it stopped, yet she was still alive. Her teeth grew longer and sharper and her eyes became a luminescent yellow.

Outside, Ula's two sisters dug themselves out of their graves, dragging their heavy tails behind them. Hecate disappeared and the humans came into the main cave. When they saw the creature before them they tried to kill her and her sisters. One human began to bleed her and she felt herself slipping away, but at the last second before she died, Poseidon took pity on her and her sisters and transported them to the ocean. He took Meredith as his mistress and she gave birth to his wife, Amphitrite and her daughter Cordelia, the third siren.


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