Oh, How It Hurts

Chapter 1


by: Apathy_
Alone in my mind, alone in my heart
I fear the sadness will once again start
Drown in the silence, silence of the dead
On and on my wrists bled
Still they bleed all over my lap
I fear my life I will soon scrap
I can't just talk to say how I feel
Poetry makes it much more real
The room is spinning, I'll soon fade out
The end is near, I have no doubt
I can't stand up, I really can't breathe
I'll love you even when I'm six feet beneath
Drunk and disorderly he came into my room
Put in my future impending doom
Oh, how it hurts my poor heart so
To know that he just wants me to go
Blades aren't good news when in his hands
Twisted men and their twisted plans.

~Jenni xxxxxxx


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