I'm Trying To Be Okay...(Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

This is for Crazyshhhh it's a way of thanking her for all hr support on my stories, I hope you like/love it!:))

Chapter 1

Best Friends

Name: Cherry Fox
Age: 17
Polyvore: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2401217

I was in the nail salon with Dannielle and Perrie, having one of our usual girl days. Is something we started when I was dating Louis, it's the we became close.

Now, Louis and I use to date, but I felt like I was holding him back, so, I let him go. Also, even if I don't like to admit it, I'm afraid to fall in love. I've seen many people I love get hurt because of love, and I really don't want that to happen to me. It was a rough brake up, but we remain friends, close friends.

"Those remind me of Louis,"said Perrie when she saw my nails.

"Yeah, well, he picked them. We were going through some pictures yesterday and he picked this,"I replied smiling.

"Are you sure you two aren't back together?"asked Danni, butting in.

"I'm pretty sure Danni, I think I would know,"I replied joking with her,"We just remain closed friends."

"Uh-huh..we'll see,"she replied.

"Yes, you'll see,"I replied laughing.

"Anyways,"said Perrie,"What's going on with Peter?"

Peter is one of Perrie's friends that I met at a party. I guess you can say you can say we got close, but friends with benefit close. Like I said, I don't want to fall in love, that is the reason why I broke up with Louis, I was falling for him and hard.

"Not much, he's going out with us tomorrow,"I told them.

"And Louis is okay with that?"asked Danni raising one eyebrow.

"He said he was,"I simply replied as the lady finished my nails,"Thank you so much Mrs. Hanns."

"It's a pleasure Cherry, you know how much I lovedoing your nails,"she replied. I'm her usual customer, she says that my nails are simple but effective.

"Great, now we can get out of here,"said Danni getting up and going to pay, today the salon was her tip. We always take turns, today Danni pays for the nails, Perrie for lunch, and I pay for the movie or take-in if we wach a movie at my place, then we trade what we need to pay everytime we go out.

"Oh, the boys are meeting us for lunch, and they might want to go to the movies with us,"said Perrie,"If they Simon decideds to give them the rest of the day off."

"Great! Now, Louis can see my nails,"I replied as we skipped out of the salon, from the corner of my eyes I saw the girls roll their eyes.

"Are you sure you're not in love him?"asked Danni.

"Uh...yea, why?"I replied kinda nervous.

"Just,"replied Perrie for her,"Just."

"Okay, weirdos...where are we going to eat?"I asked them.

"The usual?"asked Perrie. Danielle and I quickly nodded.

Our usual was an international restuarant, where I love the mexican food! It's very good! I also love that they have an Ice-Cream parlor in there, where I always order a bowl of cherry flavor ice-cream with the top cover with cherries. I may have an obssesion with cherries, I guess my parents couldn't have found a better name for me!

Perrie texted the boys the adress when they say that Simon gave them the day off, and when we arrived there they were already waiting for us. I quickly run towards Louis.

"Louis! Louis! Louis! Look!,"I exclaimed showing him my nails.

"Those are perfect...I love the colors and the stripe one!" He exclaimed right back,"This is worthy of a picture tweet!"

He got his phone out to take a picture of me. I did buldge my eyes, did a fake gasp and covered my mouth with both of my hands to show off my new nails. He laughed as he took the picture, then uploaded it. He tagged me it and a quickly got the notification to my phone. I read the caps.

Love @CherryLuver nails! FabouLouis type!

"A bit coccky with the word there, huh Louis?"I asked laughing.

"I would say a lot," said Zayn looking through his twitter. I looked back down at my phone and smiled as I read one of the replies.

From @1DLuvsMii: I think it's great how you two stayed best friends after your brake-up makes your friendship more adorable! LOVE the nails by the way!

"Okay, let's go eat before I starve to death,"said Niall a bit annoyed that we were moving into the restuarant.

"Fine,"I replied as we all started going in the restaurant. The papparazzi had a field day with us, they followed us around as we went from the restaurant to the movies. Many pictures were taken, especially of me and Louis, since most think that we're back together, but we are not. Guess us holding hands doesn't help the situation, but it's the way it's always been between Louis and I.


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