The Story of a Young Girl

Chapter 1

As she starts to cry...

As she starts to cry, not exactly knowing why, she wonders "What is happening to me? I'm not supposed to be this way. I don't break!" And no one notices her breaking down in the back of the crowded sanctuary, filled with music about joy and strength. "I find strength in your promise, and power in your love, I find hope in your suffering, and grace to overcome..." She hears as she cries silently. Why hear? In the middle of a church trip? Then one of the leaders of their group comes over, puts her arms around her and her friend standing next to her, and she suddenly can't hold on anymore. She turns quickly, wraps her arms around the elder woman, and cries into her chest like a five year old that lost their blanket. And soon she realizes that she is not the only one crying. Of course, a whole bunch of other girls in the sanctuary are crying, but so is the woman. And as they hug and cry together, she senses the other surrounding her, wanting to hug her, tell her that things will be okay, that someone loves her, she's not alone. But another friend ushers them away, until they are done hugging, and the woman asks her if there is something they need to pray about. And when the girl shakes her head, the woman makes sure she is okay, then hugs her once more, and walks away, then her friends come and comfort her, and though she wasn't completely sure why she was crying, even though she knew what her problems were, someone else did. And she comforted her with words she knew but had never been put in the same sentence like that in her presence. And she continues to cry, though less, and starts to feel better. She wonders why she feels the way she does and wonders weather or not to share her story. And on this cold, early spring night, she has.
And her name... is Nikki. And she finally shared her story, the thing she hides dearly in her heart.

And now, I am free.


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