Why I haven't been on as much

Just read it

Chapter 1


I normally get on on my iPad. Quibblo has locked me out of it now, and I can only get on the Family Mac. And its hard to hide what site you're on on a family mac. It's quite possible I wont be on for a while, but hopefully I will be by the weekend.

Also, I have a track meet tommorow. For those of you who wanna know what I'm running, it's 800. 2 laps. SO I probably won't get on too early or even at all if my iPad won't stop acting up.

I love you all, so that's why I havent been on. So don't pester me if I haven't written a chapter, or haven't messaged you back, or have made an all-time low of 1 story/quiz this week.

Peace, Love, and Run.



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