'Happily Ever After' is just the Beginning... An Original Group Story

Once upon a time... That's how it usually goes right? Not this time.

Until now, every villain ever known has been hiding in secret, living in a society separate from the so-called "heroes", who became famous by ridding the world of them and living happily ever after.

But one of the villains has gone missing, as well as one of the heroes. Each side blames the other, and they soon start a war: good versus evil.

Who will conquer in this battle of wit, trickery, and not so happy endings?

Chapter 9

The Big Bad Wolf: Trickery

I laughed at Ruber as I passed by, by his confused face was hilarious, " Confused Ruber?" I snickered.
" Not anymore..." He growled.
I was getting him angry, priceless! I laughed cruelly.
I wondered if we could capture Little Red and that woodsman, who tried killing me, me The Big Bad Wolf! I was only trying to get a snack, nothing wrong with that!
I stay away from Gaston, he is an accident waiting to happen. I think of our plan, planes don't even know when we will carry out this plan! Or how we will get past these guards, villains are known for our trickery, was this Evil Queen working for those so called heroes? We should know what spells she is willing to use and when she will support her plan! Not leaving us hanging here. I glared at the Evil Queen, maybe she was told she would be the fairest, that selfish witch would fall anything involving herself and the word fairest. She could be tricking us all, she is called the Evil Queen so who would she be evil to, the heroes, or the villains.
She is a villain after all, you never know what a villain will do next.

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