'Happily Ever After' is just the Beginning... An Original Group Story

Once upon a time... That's how it usually goes right? Not this time.

Until now, every villain ever known has been hiding in secret, living in a society separate from the so-called "heroes", who became famous by ridding the world of them and living happily ever after.

But one of the villains has gone missing, as well as one of the heroes. Each side blames the other, and they soon start a war: good versus evil.

Who will conquer in this battle of wit, trickery, and not so happy endings?

Chapter 3

Miss Hannigan: Plans of Action

by: Clato
I glance at Gaston, hoping to share a sneer with him, but he is too busy trying to stop a pounding headache by pinching the bridge of his nose.

"How are we going to get back at them?" The Giant booms through the window. I roll my eyes at his big, loud, slow voice. So annoying. Like my orphans. My orphans are on the other side; the "Hero" side. I hate the heroes. They get all the attention and praise while we're left to rot away.

"Well," Maleficent purrs. "We have to do the only thing possible. Get revenge."

"And how is that?" Captain Hook asks. Maleficent smirks.

"We'll capture their dear Princess Ariel." There is a silence in the room for a moment. Then, as if rehearsed, we all applaud Maleficent's brilliant idea. So beautiful. So simple. So evil.

"So how are we going to do it?" Mother Gothel asks timidly. I glance over at her. Always so motherly. Always so quiet. We are villains. Not parents. Not good parents, at least.

"Well, we'll need to make a plan," Maleficent replies. I grunt.

"Of course," I retort. "But villains always have plans. Plans that fail. I say we barge in there and take her from her tank when they're not looking."

"Ah," Maleficent says with a grin. "But I am afraid, Miss Hannigan, that is a plan."

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