South Park - Suit and Ties

What happens when Kenny, Stan, Kyle and Cartman decide to follow the newest fads? (Featuring Kenny x OC)

-South Park OC-

Megan Hunter
Age: 17
Crush: Kenny McCormick (Who is also 17 in this)
Looks: Raven hair and pale skin and coal eyes,
Scars, Birthmarks, etc: Scar on her back from an unknown source

Cecilia Ravenwood
Age: 17
Crush: Stan Marsh
Looks: Raven hair, pale skin and brown eyes
Scars, birthmarks, etc: She has a cross type birthmark on her back when she was born

Chapter 1

Adventure Time


I was walking down the street in my Marceline cosplay when I saw Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartman in their normal clothes. "Hey!" I heard Stan yell, making me jump. "Uh hi Stan, sup?" Cecilia murmured shyly, her bangs covering her brown orbs. "Nothing much, what about you?" I interrupted Stan who was just about to reply. "Umm... me and Cecilia were about to come down to the park to pose for a photoshoot." Cecilia completely forgot about that and just smiled sheepishly. "Ah, yes, sorry."

At this, Kenny looked interested. "What kind of photoshoot, Megan?" he asked in his usual sexy tone of voice. I flushed immediately when he said my name. "Um... Adventure Time...?" I mutter shyly, my eyes looking at my cowboy boots. "Uh... Adventure Time...? What is that?" Kyle asked, baffled. "Um... ah... wanna see?" Cecilia asked the boys who nodded. "Sure."


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