The Color Red

The Color Red

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Chapter 1

No Trust


The girl shoved past the murderer, dropping down to her knees beside her mother. Now dead.

"Mom!" She cried, tears red from the blood coating her pale face. "Please, wake up! Don't leave me here alone...!" She stopped short as a pair of hands firmly grabbed her shoulders, lifting her up from muddy ground.

"She's dead, Sayu. She's gone. You're with me now, and your not getting away this time." His hands tightened, making sure she couldn't let go. "With her gone, we can finally be together..." His voice trailed off, as if something else was on his mind.

"No! I'll never trust you!" she screamed, her voice cracking. Sayu saw him bite his lip to hold back his rage. She no longer felt the warmth near him as she once did. Quickly twisting around, Sayu got out of his grip. She ran with a burst of unnatural speed, tripping over roots as she desperatley tried to get away from the deranged lunatic.

Sayu's breath was coming in gasps, billowing in clouds in front of her. The moon seemed to glow menacingly at her from a cloudless sky. Rain pounded down on her head, making her headache even worse. I can't run much farther. He's going to catch up to me at any moment now...

"Sayu, get back here!" Out of nowhere, a sharp blade cut across her shoulder, drawing blood. She heard him snicker with pleasure.

"Ack!" She kept running, enduring the excruciating pain, one hand over her shoulder to keep it from spurting blood. Suddenly, a hard, round object flew into the back of her neck, making her cough a thick, red liquid. Sayu thought her lungs were going to burst, split open from the harsh impact. But instead, blackness devoured her, as quickly as the pain went away, taking away her vision and all of her senses. She fell over, a dark river of blood flowing from the corner of her partially open mouth.

Eyes still open, glistening with death, her body convulsed once, then kept still. The murderer stood over her body, looking down with a crazed smile. "You shouldn't have left me, Sayu. You see? I always get my way in the end."

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