who would you fall for? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 24

Hiii!!! Ok so this is Will's backstory in his POV lots of flashbacks so I hope you like it :)

Chapter 1

yeah so story time :)

by: nyan_sama
Will's POV
"Well it all started when I was eight" I started
I was just coming out of the school building when I saw him. I tried to hide or at least run but it was too late he saw me, I couldn't move. He smirked and walked over cooly my heart was pounding as I pushed my glasses up on my nose. "Hey William, you have my homework right" he asked trapping me against the wall. "S-S-Sergie I'm sorry I didn't have t-t-time." I stuttered trying to get away. "Tsk tsk tsk, now William you know what I have to do" he said as his friends snickered behind him. "Now Sergie you don't have to do that... again" I said already cowering. "I think you know I have to...." they beat me, him and his friends, they hit me and kicked me then they stuck me in a basketball hoop. It was getting dark and I was terrified, I can't stand heights "William! William!" I heard "I'm here" I yelled as my mother came around the corner.

'FF' She got me down and now we were on our way home in the limo. "William, I think its best if you transfer to my old school" she explained. I was scared but I knew it was probably for the best end flashback

"I thought it would be normal there, even better... it wasnt"
We sat on my bed quiet until my mother spoke up. "Do you know why you're going here" she asked me. I was now twelve and I had been going to G.A.H. for three and a half year and still don't know what the G.A. stands for. "Its because I was bullied right?" I replied. She gave me a sad smile "not quite, its because your special, you're- what do you think the G.A. stands for?" She asked me. "Um how about giants anonymus I replied with a smirk, even for twelve I was pretty tall, already 5'7". My mother sighed "no it stands for guardian angels." I didn't say anything as she continued "William you aren't just our son, you're prince of the guardian angels and your father's and my guardian angel" end flashback

"As you already know I failed at protecting them from Seth" flashback
"Ugh why won't any of these girls dance with us" Matt growled. "I don't know man, we're just too hot for them" I chuckled drinking some punch when I saw this cute girl eying me. I got up and walked over to her "would you like to dance with me" I asked bowing slightly and holding out my hand. "Of course" she squealed man girls eat this crap up I thought as we danced. We danced and danced until we danced our way outside for fresh air. I could tell she wanted me to kiss her from the was she looked at me but I didn't really want to kiss her. And that's when we heard the explosion. We ran inside to see dead bodies and the inside of the ball room destroyed.
"William, you have failed your duties as a guardian angek and killed a civillian, therfore you are stripped from your angeling abilities to be a fallen angel for all eternity" he boomed and it was done I was stripped of my white wings and got dark grey ones instead, my eyes and hair turned from pure white to charcol back and my golden halo dissapeared "BEGONE" end flashback

"And that's why I'm reminded of home because heaven was like a big castle and I don't want to get kicked out again" I said getting sad all over again. "Dance with me" I said suddenly _ looked at me like I was crazy but she danced with me anyway. It helped me forget about the bad times and for the first time I belonged somewhere. We danced into the living room then collapsed on the couch were we fell asleep, maybe staying here won't be so bad after all.


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