Check Yes Juliet...(Harry Styles FanFic)

So, this is for ReachingNirvana....hope you like it:))

Chapter 1

Filled With Jealousy

"Mother, may I go to the library?"I asked my mum as soon as entered her house office, which is quite big.

It was Monday afternoon and I had nothing to do, so I decided to go to the library and read, maybe even check out some books. Reading is my escape from this horrible world I live in.

"Of course dear, just be back before dinner. You know how you get when you read, you easily lose track of time,"she told me looking up from her papers.

"Yes mother...and thank you. Should I take Rob or Hank?"I asked her about my two bodyguards, I was secretly hoping she would say Rob.

Rob is the only family bodyguard I ge along with, he understands me more than anybody. I really don't think that having a bodyguard is necessary, but I'm glad Rob is one of them.

Rob is tall, build, bald, green-blue eyes, caramel skin tone, and wears glasses. He is funny, energetic, smart, strong, fast, and a great listener.

Hank is my new bodyguard, he had just gotten hired three weeks ago. He seems like a nice guy. Like Rob, he is tall, build, but he has black hair, rosey skin tone, and gray eyes. He is nice, polite, strong, fast, and quiet.

"Take both,"she replied. I wanted to tell her that I really didn't need one, let alone two, but there's no point in arguing with her, she always wins.

I nodded and went to get Hank and Rob. I made my way through the masion, which I think is a bit over-board considering it's only my parents and I who live here. Anyways, I made my way towards the kitchen, knowing they will be there.

"How may I help you Miss. Carter?" asked Hank as soon as he saw me.

"Hank I already told you to call me Melodie,"I quickly said,"And you can help me by coming with me to the library along with Rob, mum's orders."

"I call shot-gun on driving,"said Rob standing up making me smile. I tossed him the keys to my black Hummer, which, considering, is not really mine since I'm not allowed to drive.

"Ooh, Rob, please put my favorite radio station,"I told him as soon as he started the Hummer, and he listened. I started singing along to the song that was on, which was by my one of my favorite artist, Ed Sheeran, "She's like cold coffee in the morning....."

As we drove I looked out the window, noticing all the girls and boys my age that got to go out alone and hang out with other people their age. They were all goofing around, smiling, laughing, and having a great time. I was soon filled with jealousy because that's all I ever wanted.

How ironic the world is, I could have anything I wanted with the snap of my fingers, but the only thing I really want I can't freedom. I want to be able to have friends, real friends, and got out with them. I want to be able to go out to fun places, and I want to be able to make my own decisions.

But no, I can't have any of that. I have every decision made for me, and I was quite tired of it. It's my life and I should have been able to make my own decisions, but my parents had another path for me. I dnt have real friends, we just hang out because we are force to, and we nver go out as a group. I barely get to go out, even for school, my whole life I've been home schooled.

"We're here,"said Rob as he parked the truck.

"No really?"I asked sarcastically playing with him, knowing how annoyed he gets with it.

"Really,"he replied in a grumble, which made me smile.

Hank got off and opened my door. As soon as I started walking I saw a lot of eyes on me simply because Hank and Rob were right behind me. They checked every inch of me, from my black wavy hair to my feet. Their eyes met my big green eyes, their's were filled questions. I was quite use to it all, it always happens wherever I go. I let out a sigh as I entered the library, where I got the same reactions by the few people there.

"Ah, morning Melodie,"said Mrs. Brown, the lady incharge of the library. I come here so often, that she knows me so well, especially what kind of books I like.

"It's actually afternoon Mrs. Brown,"I replied with a warm smile.

"Well, where does the time goes, I always lose track of it here,"she replied wth a small chuckle.

"I know how you was nice talking to you Mrs. Brown, but I need to go and read, I only have a about and hour or two to be here,"I told her, she simply nodded and I walked away.

"Okay, wait for me by my usual seat, I'm going to go look for books, I really don't need you for that,"I told Hank and Rob. Rob nodded and he and Hank walked away and let me alone to find some books.

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