An original story....

The main character's name is Valerie.

Chapter 4

More Chest Hair & A Lil' Bit of Preparation

Sunday evening rolls in on wave of tantalizing aroma. Yet another pizza, deep-dish taco, tomatoless and steaming.

Gosh golly, at this rate, I'm going to become a pizza! But I guess it's nice to try new things.

I wonder if I'd be sausage or chicken teriyaki.

I yank the front door open with a flourish and my eyes catch sight of some marvelous... chest hair?!

It's PizzaMan. This time I notice an impressive bread and a meticulous mustache.

I stare at him, considering. "You could become a superhero. I bet it pays better, and you definitely look th--" My mom cuts me off and hands him a twenty, giving me a look like I'm the weird one. The woman collects dead insects, yet my professional insights to this man are odd?!

Parents these days. Maybe they'll learn. They're smart people.


My room is relatively unpacked and my bed looks ready for a cuddle. It's new, but I can tell we'll be friends.

Surveying the masses of knickknacks from the trips my parents go on, heaps of silk scarves and shelves of figurines, I think about tomorrow. I like having a plan before the first day. It reduces my stress. So, I shave, welding my razor with a strong hand, then lotioning it up.

I pick out some clothes, nothing too fancy, nothing too casual. Enough to make me blend, not fade.

I was going to make sure I didn't stick out too much.


*Author's note: Stick around for next time, an episode in which Valerie attends school, and things, get this, happen.

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