An original story....

The main character's name is Valerie.

Chapter 3

Clean Slates and Late Night Potty Breaks


I wake up on the hammock with crisscross diamonds imprinted on my cheek. Swish's glowing eyes beam from the bushes. I can hear her peeing, which makes things uncomfortable. I slide through the patio doors before things can get too awkward.

I wonder if it's hard to pee in the bushes.

The stove blinks 3:25 in an eerie supernatural blue. It reflects against the fish tank, making the clown fish look as if they're crying. I wonder if they feel bad about the move. Some of their brethren didn't make the journey.

You know you're tired when you think your fish are depressed. I go and find the couch. It welcomes me with open arms.


The breakfast dishes have my name on them. I wash them up, sudsy bubbles floating up my arms. The soap smells like oranges. The sun is stunning up in the sky.

The town is so calm. It reminds me of the suburbs in those 90s Lifetime movies.

It's Sunday. School and work start tomorrow. My slate in clean, a fresh start waiting for me, just nine blocks away.

I just have to be willing to start.


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