Guardian Angel

Ethan Miller died one day from a terrible car accident at the age of sixteen. In heaven, he was given a choice to be an angel, reincarnated, or a guardian angel. The decision was hard, but he finally chose to be a guardian angel so that he could help others. He is given the position of being adolescent Audrey Hills's guardian angel.

Chapter 1

Seeing the Golden Gates

For a minute everything was black. Was I sleeping? When I opened my eyes everything was bright and I was laying on something unbelievably soft. Above me was the blue sky and a few white, puffy clouds. I sat up and saw that I was laying on a cloud. Okay, I must be dreaming. I laid back down and closed my eyes again, waiting to go to another dream. But when I opened my eyes, I was still laying on a cloud. I quickly stood up and looked around. I looked down at my clothes. I was no longer wearing my football jersey and jeans. Instead, I was wearing a white no sleeved dress thing that went to down to my knees and I white rope tied around my waist. "Why on earth am I wearing a dress?" I said to myself.

"That is not a dress, that is called a tunic." said a gentle voice from behind me. I nearly jumped and quickly turned around, but I didn't see anything. Well expect for a giant golden gate. It glowed in the sunlight, but I couldn't find the sun anywhere. "Who's there?" I said to the gate. "Where am I?"

Suddenly a white shimmer appeared on the other side of the gate. And then it dissolved into a tall woman dressed in a white dress, I mean a tunic, and had wings attached to her back. An angel. No, no, no, I thought to myself. I am not dead. I'm just dreaming. Yes, just dreaming this weird dream. I'll wake up soon.

"Well you are not on Earth anymore. You are in heaven." the angel said.
"No I'm not. I am just dreaming," I said to her.
The angel out a light chuckle. "I am afraid that this is a dream you cannot wake up from."
I closed my eyes and tried to make myself wake up. When I opened them, I was still there. I tried to pinch my arm. When I couldn't pinch my arm I looked down at it and nearly fainted. My skin was transparent, like see through! And my hand went through my arm when I tried to touch it. I looked at the angel and she had an amused look on her face, as if my confusion was humourous. "I-I don't understand." I said.

"I know. How about I open these gates and explain some things to you? And we need to get you registered." She said and clapped her hands. The golden gates opened without a single squeak or sound like most gates would. I walked towards her and saw that she had a hand out that she wanted me to hold. I hesitated because I figured her hand would go through my transparent skin. But she took my left hand in her right and we started to walk away from the gates. I felt like a little kid holding its mother's hand as they watched across a street.

I looked up at the angel. "So I'm not dreaming?" I asked her.
She nodded her head and gave me a smile.

It felt like we had only walked for about a minute, but when I looked behind me, the golden gates were out of sight. We came to wooden desk with two chairs on either side of it. The angel told me to take a seat as she took hers. She snapped her fingers and papers out of nowhere with a ink and quill.

"Alright, so what is your full birth name?" She asked.
"Ethan Robert Miller." I answered.
"Your birthdate and age?"
"The 26th of June, 1996. I am sixteen years old."
"Your gender?"
"Your parents' names? Please include your mother's maiden name."
"My dad's name is Allen Miller and my mom's name is Carolina Davis Miller."
"And last question. What is your birthplace?"
"Chicago, Illinois."
"Alright Ethan, one more question."
"You said that that last question was going to be the last one."
She chuckled. "Well those questions had to do more with your past life. This one is more about what kind of angel you want to be. Do you want to be a regular angel, reincarnated, or a guardian angel?"

I thought for a long time. Being a regular angel sounded good, but I decided not to do that. Being reincarnated meant that I could go back on Earth as something else, but what if I went back and a fly or some other disgusting bug. Being a guardian angel meant that I could help people who needed a little looking out for. That sounded good. I decided on that.

"Alright, now let me just assign you to someone who needs a guardian angel. You will be their guardian angel until they die, which may seem like a long time, but time goes by very fast here in heaven."

She took out a box and looked around inside it. She took out a piece of paper and looked at it quickly. She nodded and handed it to me. The following information was on it:
Name: Audrey Hills
Age: 16
Gender: female
From: Dallas, Texas
Fear: fire
Family: her father was a pyromaniac and burned down their house, her and her mother made it out, her siblings are dead
Why she needs you: her mother abuses her and she has trust issues
Do you accept to be the guardian angel of this person?

The angel looked at me expectantly. "Well do you accept?" She asked.
I nodded.

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