The misfit crew consiting of two vampires, an angel, a fairy, a demon, and a werewolf.

Chapter 1


Crouching low, my partner and I silently stalk our prey. The soon to be victom is totaly unaware of what is about to happen.

Slicing my eyes to my partner I see that he is enjoying this just as much as I am. Its obvious from the wicked gleam in his eyes and the mischivous curve to his smile.

Catching my eyes he smiles wider, showing his razor sharp Canines. He licks his lips and looks at me hopefully, waitnin for me to attack first.

As the alpha of our relationship, I always do.

Turning my gaze back to our prey, I tense my muscles, feeling the adreniline rush sweetly through my veins. Oh how I love this moment!

In a flash I leap into the air, with my partner a half second behind me. We tackle our prey, which emits a scream.

"Vanessa! Johnathon! GET OFF ME!"

Howling with laughter, Johny and I roll off of Kris,and on to the floor. He stands above us, glowering down, "You two are so pathetic."

We crack up laughing again, and Kris stomps off scowlng.

"Mhmm. What happened?" says Rosy rubbig the sleep out of her eyes, as she walks down stairs in her pink silk pajamas.

"Oh Kris is just being a whinner." I say, jumping up and scooping the 5 year old into my arms and swinging her in a cirlce.

"Well, you woke up the whole house, annoying him." Matthew says ruffling my hair as he comes into the room.

"You all needed to get up anyway." Claire says as she walks downstairs, "Now sit at the table while I get breakfast made."

So while, Claire makes food, I should probally fill you in, since you don't know, who or what we are.

There's Johnathon, or as everyone but Kris calls him, Johny. His curly brown hair is always a mess, and his olive geen eyes are full of mischiff. Standing at about 6 feet tall hes a bit taller han me, and for some reason is my loyal follower. Either way, Hes my best friend in the whole world. We're always together, and probaly always will be. He's 15, just like me. Well in human years.....Im not going to go into the whole age transfer from human to vampire. Which is what he is. A vampire. Like me! But we're not the kind of vampires that go around killing people for their blood. I mean realy? We're not evil.

There's also my little sweety, Rosy. Shes a 6 year old girl, with beautiful copper curls, big ocean blue eyes, a sweet little smile, and light skin. Can you guess who she is? If you said angel, then...ding ding ding your ...........WRONG!
Nope this 37 pound, 3 foot 6 girl is a demon. But, shes my sweet heart, and she knows it too.

If you want to know who the real angle is, then your looking for Matthew. Hes a 6 foot 3, blonde haired blue eyed, guy of pure angelness. Hes the oldest at 18, but hes not the type, to push for authority because of it. He rivals Rosy in sweetness, but unlike her, he wont rip your head off if he gets mad. Hes an awesome guy. The kind of person that you look to.

Caire is a 12 year old fairy. When I first found it out I was surprised. I thought fairies were little, but apparently not all of them. Her pale blonde hair is dyed pink at the tips, and shes 5' 3". Her havel eyes shimmer with brightness. Shes a cook by nature and love to do so. Though shes a loyal girl, she doesnt like to get her hands dirty. So if we ever want to go out and do something maybe just a little risky, she works behid the scenes. Usualy from home, or an office of some sort.

And of course there's Kris. He always looks so gloomy, with his chin length raven black hair always haging in is face. His chocoltely brown eyes are sharp and keen. He stands a little taller than me at 5'8" Hes a werewolf. So as you can guess, Johny and me, being vampires, dont get along well with him., But its kinda his fault. WE would be more than willing to be friends, buts hes just a butt head.

And lastly theres me. Like I said before Im a vampire. Im also 5 foot 5 1/2, have dark blonde hair, emrald green eyes, and am 15 years old (Which Kris gloats over because hes 16). Im pretty much like Johny. Loyal, protective, honest, and a prankster.

Well, Claires done with the food, so later!

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