Time: Always | Date: Forever | Love: Everlasting (Story of a teen :)) [starkid]

Chapter 1


Time: 10:15 pm |Date: Saturday, August 12, 2009 |Emotion: Panic.

Sirens wailed, people screamed and yelled, blue and red lights flashed over the riot of shock and fright.

"Rose!" A voice yelled as its owner pushed through the crowd, being led by a short girl with brown hair.

Their target, Rose, was a girl at 16 years old, light brown hair and bright blue eyes, beautiful but at the moment her beauty wasn't the source of attention. Her pain was.

The young girl convulsed on the ground, shaking, jerking and her mouth gaping slightly as if she couldn't breath. Several of her friends heald her down so she didn't flail as the medics hurried over.

"Oh my god...what's happening to her!?" The man demanded, terror evident on his face as he saw his little sister.

"She's having a seizure." An EMT informs him quickly as they try to calm her down enough to load her onto the stretcher.

"H-How!? Is she going to be okay?" he demanded.

"We can't be sure yet, we don't know the cause." Is all the medic says before they load the shaking girl into the ambulance. Joe, the girl's brother jumps in as well, taking his sister's shuddering hand.

Time: 12:52 am |Date: Sunday, August 13, 2009 |Diagnosis: Epilepsy |Setting of Reality: A girl's life, changed forever.

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