From what is Within

Chapter 1


by: Screw_it
Once there was a beautiful butterfly named Leanne. She was the prettiest butterfly anyone had ever seen. She had deep blue and purple wings that sparkled like the stars. Everyone loved Leanne.

One day while Leanne was flying, as always, she stumbled upon a small house in the forest near her home. She was a very curious butterfly so she decided to explore it. She flew about the small shack-searching for a way in. It seemed pretty old and probably abandoned. She claimed it for herself. Her new fort, but first she would need a way it. She carefully rubbed away the dirt and ivy that covered the tiny outer walls and finally found a door. She struggled and struggled but it finally flew open. She happily flew in, proud of her accomplishment. Leanne was surprised when the door suddenly slammed shut behind her. She felt a twinge of fear, but continued on it spite of it.

The old place was completely empty with the exception of a dark wooden table in the far corner. She approached it without the slightest caution. She thought she'd move it to the middle of the room to make the most of her space. As she dragged it from its dusty corner she head something fall to the ground. Excited, she looked around. But there was nothing there. She was sure she'd heard something...but there was nothing to she carried on with rearranging the room. As she began to walk with the table, she tripped. Once again, she looked down but saw nothing. This time, Leanne got down on her hands and knees and felt along the dark, cold floor. Something had to be there. Maybe it was just too dark to see. Her hands soon found purchase on something small but dense. A scale, perhaps, that of a dragon or the likes.
Leanne, being the day dreamer she was, soon filled her mind with grand adventures of an elegant heroine. One who’d conquered the day and slain the monster. In her glory she’d kept the scale as a prize. “I have to have it”, she thought aloud

Her excitement grew as she lifted the small object to her face. But still she saw nothing. “this is impossible!!” she thought, “I know Im holding something..why cant I see it??” She decided to bring her new treasure outside. Maybe then she could behold the beautiful colors and mystery the scale must contain. But even in the sunlight she saw nothing. “what a waste!!” she thought as she threw it at the nearest tree. When the object hit, it burst forth with a flash of color and brilliant sparkle. “what?!” she walked carefully toward the tree and once again felt along the ground in disbelief.

Upon finding her treasure, she held it up to the sun and examined it. Indeed her small prize was still invisible but she could see a faint distortion around the edges she felt. “it must be enchanted! Possibly even holding magic powers deep within.”
Leanne chose to keep the scale. But she would need to hide it. It was so special! She couldn’t afford to let anyone else know about it. She decided to keep her secret scale in the shack where she’d found it. That was the best place for it. Leanne would return later with a special chain to wear the scale with. No one would suspect a thing. She wore it everywhere she went. Her small treasure had become somewhat of a “good luck” charm. It was her pride and joy. Bit it had to remain a secret. It was so hard! She loved and cherished one thing so much, but she could share her happiness with none. They might want to take it from her.

One day Leanne flew to her secret hideaway as she did daily. She had turned it into a very cozy and cute place. It was her favorite. As she entered, she felt the stresses of her day melt away. Now she could be happy and relax. She removed her necklace and hung it from its special place above the table.

She became very hungry and left the shack to find food. She left the necklace behind. Near the house she found her favorite berries and hurried back inside with a smile on her face. That soon changed when Leanne lifted her necklace and found a weight change. She began frantically searching for it on the floor, shelves, and tables that decorated the small home. She couldn’t find it! Where could it be?!

Leanne looked out the window. Maybe she’d accidentally taken it out with her. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she spotted it resting on that same nearby tree where she’d thrown it just weeks before. Why could she see her scale? It was supposed to be invisible! That’s what made it so special. She approached it and found script sprawled acrossed its dark surface
It read

”The unique find the unique,
And power grows within
Enchanted are also those
Who find the most precious of all things
Seek with your whole heart
And you will find your hearts desire”

“What on earth!!” Leanne thought to herself as the scale transformed back into its original appearance. “Ive found all I want or need! I am content. I don’t need anything but my treasure and myself!” Little did Leanne know that what she truly needed was a friend.

Leanne, full of confusion, put the scale back on her chain and slipped it over her neck as she flew. But she was incapable of flying home. The scale was leading her away from her own path. Leanne struggled but soon gave up, finding the scale more powerful than her own will. For hours she flew like this wondering where she might be lead.

She finally stopped in a small clearing far, far from home. It was empty. There seemed nothing special about it. She began fluttering around, exploring the field to which she had been lead. Finding nothing, she decided to stop wasting time and prepared herself to fly back home. As Leanne got ready to leave, she heard a faint cry.

Off in the tall weeds to her left, sat a sad little moth. It looked terribly ugly with its tattered grey wings and dismal demeanor. Again the moth released a pathetic cry. Leanne noticed its left wing was bent oddly. She approached the strange bug and introduced herself. She found the ugly moth’s name to be Gilly. Gilly told of flying through a dangerous storm and crashing into a tree. Gilly had broken her wing and was hurt rather badly.

Leanne offered to help the little moth home. It was the least she could do for the poor thing. As the two walked through the meadow they made small talk and shared quite a bit. But Leanne didn’t breathe a word about her pendant. Eventually Gilly could no longer overcome the tears. She sat and sobbed “I cant do this! It hurts too much!” the small moth cried out. “Oh come on little one. Ill help you, even carry you if need be,” Leanne offered. With that Leanne lifted the small moth into her arms and carried her gently until dusk. When they stopped, Leanne carefully set Gilly down. “You can leave now if you want. Its okay. Ill make it” the ugly moth offered. “No. Im here to help,” Leanne offered

As the two slept that night, Gilly slowly began growing weaker and weaker and desperately ill. In the morning Leanne once again offered to carry her little friend. As time grew, Gilly’s strength depleted. Leanne became very worried. To hide her fear, she talked. The two began exchanging secrets and trust blossomed as Leanne held the small moth. The friendship quickly expanded as Gilly grew weaker.

Leanne became scared. What was happening?! In such a short time she’d become so attached to the bug and feared what was to come.

Leanne decided to reveal the secret of her scale. Her most hidden and cherished longer a secret. She was scared but continued on somehow telling Gilly wasn’t as difficult as she thought.

Gilly took a turn for the worst. She couldn’t continue any further…even when Leanne held her. For some reason, Leanne chose to stay with that ugly little moth..this was her friend. Gilly grew sicker and sicker until what she seemed to be the end. Leanne began to cry. She didn’t know what to do.

She spoke to the small moth, “Gilly, I love you.. I wish I could make you better… I would do anything…I ..I cant lose you! I.. I dunno what to do.. Im so scared”

Gilly looked to Leanne and smiled, “You’ve blessed me with your friendship..thats all I’ve ever needed. Thank you.” Suddenly something struck Leanne.. Her pendant! She didn’t care so much about it anymore! Gilly meant so much more to her.

As a final act, Leanne gave her beloved necklace to Gilly and smiled. “This is yours,” she explained, “Promise you’ll keep it forever” Gilly smiled back as she grasped the small scale. The scale began to, once again, sparkle and change color as did little Gilly. Leanne was confused. The two, Gilly and the scale, began to float high above the ground with no explanation.

As Leanne watched everything unfold, she saw Gilly, the ugly little moth, transform into the most beautiful butterfly. Even Prettier than any she’d ever seen before. This couldn’t be possible! Gilly was just a moth! But now Gilly sparkled and with a majestic glow, she floated back to the ground and approached Leanne.

She smiled more than ever, “Leanne, you’ve just given up the thing you cherish the most to a stranger. You cared for and loved and unwanted bug. You are truly special. Your inner beauty now matches and surpasses that of your outer radiance. For this, you’ve earned one wish. You may have whatever you want for you amazing work.”

Leanne looked at Gilly and smiled, “My one wish is for you to be mine. Stay mine forever! Never leave please. I don’t need treasures, wishes, or even this scale anymore. A true friend is all I’ve ever needed. My hearts desire. Please darling?”

Gilly met Leanne’s gaze and said, “Yes! Yes of course! You’ve proven your worth and you will be blessed greatly for it. Thank you!”

And with that the two butterflies flew across the meadow to face their next adventure together.


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