West Coast Smoker (iPod shuffle post-MY questions to assure you it's "new") :D

Chapter 1

\m/ check out my rockin' playlist!

What will my next school day be like?
Carpe Diem – Green Day

“A battle cry, aren’t we all too young to die?” : O What’s gonna happen?

What kind of people fall in love with me?
4 Real – Avril Lavigne

Honest people, I hope

What kind of people hate me?
Poppin’ Champagne – All Time Low

(I'm guessing) Party people? If I hate them, guess they hate me back.

What do people think of when they look at me?
Happy the Hard Way – Every Avenue

What does my best friend think of me?
Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance

I am not afraid to keep on living! I guess that’s how she/they see me.

What does my crush think of me?
Suffocated - Orianthi

How awesome am I?
I Can Do Better – Avril Lavigne

Yes, I can do better than others! >:)

How will I die?
Sick - Evanescence

How long will I live?
That’s What You Get - Paramore

What will my career be like?
Check Yes Juliet (Acoustic) – We the Kings

How will I meet my future bf/gf?
Daughters of Darkness - Halestorm

Will I get married?
Sing for Me – Yellowcard

listens to lyrics This must be a yes!

What will be the song as I walk down the aisle on my wedding?
When I’m Gone – Simple Plan

What will be the song during the dance of the bride and groom—and eventually everyone else?
Raised by Wolves – Falling in Reverse

Cool! It’s gonna be a bloody night! JK. I can see the theme of my future wedding now.

What will be the theme song of me and my future spouse?
Hum Hallelujah – Fall Out Boy

What song will play while I’m on my honeymoon?
Our Lady of Sorrows – My Chemical Romance

What kind of kids will I have?
Battle of One – 30 Seconds to Mars

Fighters!!! :/

How successful will I be at my (future) job?
She’s a Rebel – Green Day

That should be a yes... People will respect me because I fight for what I freakin’ want.

What song will be the opening hymn of my funeral mass?
Not Enough – Avril Lavigne

How will people feel after I’m dead?
Fully Alive (Acoustic) – Flyleaf

Wow, thanks -_-

Where will my soul go after death?
Innocence - Halestorm

What is REALLY my favorite song?
Scream, Aim, Fire – Bullet for my Valentine


What title will this be posted with?
West Coast Smoker – Fall Out Boy


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