Sunlight overcomes

Sunlight overcomes

Chapter 1

At Last!

The sun's rays broke through the forest's trees, creating patches of dappled light on the ground. Bird's song drifted slowly up stream, and the water tumbled and gurgled cheerfully. A squirrel, who had awoken a few hours earlier, chattered excitedly as it sniffed the rich, earthy smell of the dewy morning. A strand of light fell over a sleeping fairy's form, illuminating her deep brown skin and causing her to stir.

Her fresh green eyes opened slowly. Her dragon fly wings unfolded and she fluttered slowly off of the sunset orange mushroom she had spent the night on. The gold skirt she was wearing fell past her feet and floated eerily around her like she was shrouded with a golden mist. She lifted her pointed nose sniffed the air. Rain had recently fallen, and the ground smelled rich and earthy. Little green shoots and buds peeped above the ground, and Alaya knew that it was time.

Other fairies drifted out of the trees and preformed the same ritual of getting up on the spring equinox that Alaya had just carried out. Alaya passed a bud. She waved her hand and a shower of golden sparkles fell on the flower, causing it to bloom into a large, purple crocus. Spring had come at last, and the flower fairy's work had come with it.

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