Acacia's Possession

Acacia, Brayden, Adam, and Lyssa go for a drive in the night and see something in a dark alley. Acacia drives into the alley and you will not believe what they see...

Chapter 1

The Dark Alley

So, my name is Acacia, and I am kind of a nerdy girl. I love to hang out with a billion of my friends and do crazy, messed up stuff with them. My top three best friends are Leah, Brayden, and Adam. Leah is my favourite person of all time, and then Brayden and Adam are my closest friends. Now let's get to the weird part.

I am 16 years old, and I just got my driver's license last Sunday. I was having a bunch of fun driving around town with Brayden, Adam, and one of my other friends, Lyssa. I live in a small town, only about 450 people live here. So anyways, my friends and I were driving around town in my brother's car, I took it from him while he was sleeping. It was midnight when we went around town, the sky was so clear, we could see any constellation we wanted.

Around us was pure darkness. All street lights were burnt out, except for one, which was flickering from a few blocks away.

"Ace, take us to the alley on the left, there is some, uh, light over there." This came from Brayden. Everyone calls me Ace, short for Acacia.

"Why, ya scared of the dark, Bray?" Lyssa teased, snobby as usual.

"No, you idiot. I think I saw... something move over in the alley. Let's check it out!"

Lyssa rolled her eyes, and I drove into the alley. "Nothing. Look, nothing is there, Bray. Look, I'll just drive pas-" I froze and slammed on the brakes. I suddenly became cold. My spine went stiff, and all hair on my body stood up.

"What?!?!? Why did you do that? That scared the crap outta me. Just keep driving, Ace." Adam was the bravest of us all, we all said he had balls of steel as a joke.

"Nothing. I just... freaked out for a second. I'm, uh, OK." I kept driving forward, and my body soon became numb the more I drove forward. I thought I would just keep driving, until Brayden started coughing. The noise scared me. "Bray, you okay?"

Brayden started vomiting. Luckily he opened the door and ran outside before he threw up all over my brother's car. He ran back inside, and he acted like nothing ever happened. He was fine. Like the normal Brayden I see every day. No one spoke once he came back into the car. I just kept driving. Before I could even go forward a foot, I blacked out. I couldn't see anything but pure blackness. I couldn't move any muscles in my arms or legs. I kept coughing to see if that would do anything. All it did was make me pass out.

I woke up, opening my eyes only a little bit because of the brightness of the room. My eyes were burning. Within a few minutes my eyes had finally adjusted to the bright room. I was in a hospital. I could tell because of the curtains and the bed I was laying on.

"I see you are awake," a friendly lady smiled, "I'm Amanda, a nurse who is going to help you through this time. This is Doctor Bellworth," she said, pointing to a tall man beside her, "and he is going to talk to you for a little, okay?"

I opened my mouth, but couldn't say anything. I just nodded my head.

"Here, drink this, it will help your throat," the doctor said, handing me a mug of some steaming liquid, "Now, my name is Doctor Bellworth. Now I am going to ask you some questions. Now, what do you remember after you passed out?"

I sipped some of the liquid. It tasted like tea, chocolate, and chicken noodle soup mixed together. It was pretty nasty. "I just remember my friend throwing up and then I became numb everywhere and I couldn't see anything or move my muscles in my legs or arms."

"Hmm," he looked down and said something under his breath, "Do you know anything of what happened after you were in the hospital? Well, here?" I shook my head, "Well, there was a power outage six months ago. The radio told us all that it would be on within the next week, but it never happened. So they started hiring lumberjacks to get wood for fire and shelter, and miners to get stone and coal for furnaces for heat. We are using generators to power the hospitals and stores, but most of them don't even last a month. We get more and more generators shipped in to help us have our fridges working and a light source. But really, what is the point anymore? Like, we can't keep up with... nevermind. I mean, get better soon. Please."

I sat there shocked, almost spitting the drink - or whatever it is - right out of my mouth. "Did I get hurt? How long have I been in the hospital? What month is it? What year and day is it? How did-" I stopped myself before I started talking too much.

"You did get hurt. Something tried ripping your legs off. That is what your friends told me. You have been in a coma ever since. Your birthday was two months ago, your family and friends came to visit you. We brought your bed in a different room so you could visit your dog Lola and your cat Ashe. It is August now, and you are 17 now. You have 6 small gashes in your legs. No one knows who or what did this, but police are still on the loose still trying to capture this thing. Someone, or something has killed over 600 people. There are only 67 people left in your town. Luckily your parents are alive, very worried about you. Now finish your drink, and we will phone your parents later so you can say hi."

I sipped at the drink until it was gone.

"Here, I'll take this," Doctor Bellworth took the mug, "Now you will feel a little pinch in your arm. It will help with the pan, so don't worry." He held a needle in his hand, and put it in my arm. I felt tired, and fell asleep.


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