Side Effects

It was a normal day down near San Francisco highway. The summer was long and tiring, and boring for the whole city. Everything was normal, Well it was until a government cargo truck flipped over releasing a mysterious fluid giving 5 teenagers powers most kids could ever dream of.

Chapter 1

The Tanker: Cameron Barns

by: Cam12
"Mom, Cam's foot is on my side again," I looked down at my foot. It was over the outline of the second seat. Not the third seat where my sister was sitting, but the second. My mother glared over her shoulder, until I mover my foot. I lifted my foot and looked out the window.

I was the misfit child. My family always wanted a daughter, never anticpated they had a chance of getting a son. My grandfather said that when they found out that I was a boy, my mother cried for a month. They tried to set me up for adoption, but my grandfather quickly put an end to that. My grandfather has been the only supportive one my whole life, and it makes me feel a little better.

I looked out of my wcar window. They highway wasn't busy to day. Only a couple cars, two trucks, and a tanker. The sky was blue and cool, it was peaceful. I looked over to the car in front of me. I saw a familiar face. It was Piper and Kit.

I looked away hoping they wouldn't recognize me. I turned my attention to the yellow car, but that was taken away shortly. I heard screeching tires. I turned my head to a truck that was swirling in circles. It swung into the side of the tanker causing it to slowly tilt to one side. It swung back and forth and suddenly tipping onto its side.

My father hit the brakes causing me to jolt forward. My head it the back of my fathers chair. He turned around and glared at me like it was all my fault. I turned to look outside to see the damage, but my sight were only focused on a little girl in the middle of the street. Pipers and Kit's car was right next to the fire, and all the other cars were scattered around the highway. All cars were flipped over. All cars except ours.

My mind wandered back to the little girl. I picked at the door lock and managed to open it. I tried jumping out but my father grabbed my collar, "Where you think your going?" I tried wiggling free but I couldn't get free.

"Let me go!" I screamed. I bit his hand and he dropped me. I got up and stared him in the eye, " Are you really trying to harm your son?"

He replied in a deep voice with no shame at all and replied, "As far as I know, I don't have a son." He pushed me over into a purpleish liquid from the tanker , and closed the door. I didn't care at the moment, all I wanted to do was help the little girl. At the moment, she was screaming and waddling around. She kept slippingdown, she was real close to fall off the bridge.

I ran faster and faster. I wasn't going to make it, not a chance. The little girl was about to fall off when I felt a jolt. There was a loud pop. One second, I was just 10 feet short, the next. I was carrying the little girl at a high speed off the ground.

I crashed into the ground. I had a superpower. I grew up loving superheros. I turned around. There were so many people. Getting engulfed by fire, getting crushed by cars, and so much blood. So much blood. I won't be able to save everyone, not by myself.

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