Me! (currently)

Chapter 1

Me! (currently)

Hair: Thick, long, ebony (jet black)

Eyes: Big, long eyelashes, thick eyebrows, dark brown with a touch of gold

Skin: Practically white

Favorite video games: Wizard101, DDO, (Dungeons & Dragons online) Sims Medieval

Favorite websites: Dolldivine, Quibblo

Favorite Animal: Dolphin

Favorite color: Aqua

Month I was born: March

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Hobbies: Writing Poetry, Reading, Drawing, Writing Books, Swimming

Favorite sports: Swimming, Karate (I'm a blackbelt)

Favorite song: Ocean Gypsy

Favorite food: Sushi (the kind that my dad makes)

Favorite cold drink: Rootbeer

Favorite hot drink: Tea

Favorite book: Harry Potter

Favorite movie: Avatar (with na'vi)

Least favorite color: Yellow

Favorite number:11

(If I were at hogwarts) My house: Ravenclaw

Left or right handed: Right

Favorite quiz type: Fantasy

I play these musical instruments: Piano

Musical instruments that I want to start: Violin, Harp, Lyre

Siblings: Half sister (We're 16 years apart, lol)

Pets: Two dogs, one cat


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