Omegle Is Just Great: Discussion Edition

These are conversations where I participate in the Spy Mode, but I'm discussing the question rather than asking it. n.n
WARNING: Vulgar language in some chapters. Because people are pottymouths.

Chapter 2

I just wanted a damn cat. Warning: Vulgar language in which I had to add extra letters so they would pass

by: Savages
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
Ok pretend that you guys are a couple and you are getting a new cat lol Action!

You: Babe

You: we're getting a cat

Stranger: ...............

Stranger: are u fuhcking kidding me jimmy!?

You: I'm not kidding you Shaniqua, we're getting a damn cat

You: You know how badly I've wanted one!

Stranger: no! we didnt get the moose i wanted so why the hell should i get you a bird jim

You: We're not getting a bird

You: We're getting

You: a damn

You: cat

Stranger: you know what... your a selfish arsshole jimbo

You: You hush, Shanaynay!

Stranger: its not even about that cAT you cohck

You: You are always so melodramatic!

Stranger: its always been about me getting implants

You: You don't need those implants!

You: You can barely walk as is!

Stranger: i knew you hated em jim........ that is it! im gonna go fuhck your friend Joed

You: Go ahead, the whole reason Joe's got that brand spankin' new car is because he's LACKING IN OTHER PLACES

You: I just wanted a damn cat.

Stranger: i got your cat right here Jimmy Boy!! but if you cant keep this one happy how can i expect you to take care of a real one...:)

Stranger: biaaaaattcchhhhh!!!!!

Stranger: booom!

You: I asked for a cat, not whatever the cat dragged out of the sewer

Stranger: my pussys like a dessert Jim

You: Like a desert?

You: Yeah, I believe that!

Stranger: no like a ice cream dessert jim fresh out of cold stone all mashed up with reeses and gummy bears just how joed likes it

Stranger: lol i cant do this any,mmore haha

Stranger: we had a good run lol

You: Me neither xD

You: This was great though

Stranger: haha that was pretty funny thtoiugh

You: Yupyup

You: Maybe now the questioner is satisfied

Stranger: hahah yeah i think we ran that one to the ground

Stranger: i will prob not dsee you later my friend but good talk

You: Haha alright goodbye!

Stranger: later

You have disconnected.

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