My Theory on Magic

My Theory on Magic

Chapter 1

Seeing a Magical Creature (this will hopefully make you believe in magical creatures just a little, if you don't believe in them. This picture is not the real unicorn)

I believe that there is a such thing as magic. I know some of you do not believe in it. If you don't believe in it, you can just leave right now, but I recommend staying, because it may give you another thing to think about; also, you don't have to believe me, but reading this could change your life.
I have had many dreams about magic, and there is also something I think, but may be mistaken about. When I was two years old, I was going to the grocery store with my mom. We lived in an apartment, and had just gotten outside.
You may think two year olds don't really think that much, and that's why I said I am not certain about this, but I choose to believe that two year olds can think to an extreme level, even if it is too obvious to us the answers to what they are asking themselves in their head.
I may have imagined it, but as we were walking to my mom's dark green car, I looked where there was a patch of trees. Believe it or not, I saw a white unicorn. I can tell you exactly how the unicorn looked. She was not quite as tall as a normal sized horse, yet also not as short as a pony. How could I tell that the unicorn was a girl? I couldn't, I was just guessing. She had a horse mane and tail that were colored silvery blue. She had small hooves and was the perfect weight. I wasn't that close to her, but I was close enough to see the color of her eyes. Her eyes were not exactly blue, as you'd probably guess a unicorn's eyes would be, but they were the calm blend of grey and blue, and they sparkled with knowledge. Of course, I didn't know the word knowledge when I was two, but now I realize that that was the word I was trying to think of.
When I was two, I did not know that unicorns were rare. I thought that they were just as common as any other magical creature, and didn't care that they were magical. There was no question that I believed in magic, because I believed that all the things that happened in the Disney movies really happened. Since I didn't know how rare they were, I didn't tell anyone, because I figured that it wasn't important. I thought that people could see them every day. I regret that.

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