Loving with Eyes Closed

Loving with Eyes Closed

Samantha Riggins has been blind since birth. She has long since come to terms with this, and chooses to look at the bright side of life. Ryan Anderson has always been a rich player, someone who makes fun and never takes life seriously. When these two meet, what will happen? Will they be changed or will they just cause sparks to fly?

this is for Writing Contest #15, so wish me luck! :D

Chapter 1

You can see?

Samantha's POV

"Why is she wearing sunglasses inside?" I heard a little girl's voice ask before her mother hurriedly shushed her.

I smiled to myself and went back to eating my philly cheese steak sandwich.

"How many times have you heard that in your life?" Charlie asked curiously. I could hear the smile in his voice.

I shrugged, reaching my hand out to where I knew my Mountain Dew was sitting on the table. "I lost track when I was ten, and that was seven years ago, so I have absolutely no clue."

"Whoa, bringing on the advanced math here." Charlie teased.

"Too much for you Charlie, I know. Sorry about that." I grinned in my older brother's direction.

"Haha, aren't you funny, Sam." I felt Charlie muss up my hair and I smacked his hand away from me lightly.

"Yes I am. Get over it." I took a sip of my Mountain Dew as Charlie chuckled.

"You two aren't fighting already, are you?" I heard Mom say, also hearing the scraping of two chairs being pulled out from our table.

"We've only been gone ten minutes." Dad said teasingly, and I felt him kiss the top of my head affectionately.

I smiled, munching on a french fry that I had picked up from my plate.

"Nah, Sam was just thinking she's cooler than me." Charlie replied, causing Mom and Dad to chuckle.

I could hear silverware clinking against plates and knew Mom and Dad were beginning to eat their dinners as well.

I could hear glasses clinking and some roudy laughter floating over from the bar area of Sandy's Bar and Grill.

We had come over to Charleston to celebrate with Charlie for his graduation from med school the day before, which we had attended, of course.

It was just under a two hour's drive away from where Mom, Dad, and I lived in Sumter, South Carolina, the place I'd grown up all of my life.

Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet started playing on the speakers and I smiled, remembering dancing to this song on the beach with Emmett on a trip to the Outer Banks as little kids.

We had no clue what the song used to be about. I thought to myself wryly.

In case you were wondering, Emmett was my best friend of all time. We'd met on my first day at the school for the blind in second grade.

I remember going outside for recess, and hearing kids running around me like they knew where everything was around them. But seeing as how I was the new student, I had no clue where anything was, so I wasn't about to go running around because then I'd hit something.

Someone had tapped me on the shoulder.

"Do you want me to show you around?" A little boy's voice had asked quietly.

I put out my hand until I touched the person beside me, feeling glasses on their face. "Can you see?"

"I can see, but it's real bad." I heard him reply. "Mommy and Daddy say that I won't be able to see very soon."

I had been blind at birth, so I had never seen a single thing in my life. I tilted my head up towards where I knew the sky was wistfully. "What does the sky look like?"

The little boy was quiet for a minute, and then he began to describe everything around us, the sky- "blue like my marker"; my hair- "red like a firetruck!"; the wood-chips on the ground- "they look like poopy".

That's how we spent all of recess, me just listening to the little boy as he pulled me around the playground by the hand, describing everything that was hidden from me.

He later introduced himself- "My name's Emmett Roger Stevenson."

I remember giggling, thinking it was funny to hear an "son" at the end of the last name. I mean, I already knew he was a boy. "I'm Samantha Ariel Riggins. Do you want to be friends?"

I could hear the grin in his voice as he replied, "Sure, Sammi, but only as long as we are best friends."

I held up my pinky. "Best friends?"

I felt the boy hook his pinky around mine and we shook our hands. "Forever."

A/N: I'll describe the characters more in the following chapters. So what do you think? Good? No? Continue?

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