Let's hope we meet again stranger.

Chapter 3

Tell Me.

by: Needles
We left tony's. The man refused to give us anymore information. He said to ask her ourselves. I told Eric i had to go home and think. He just nodded "Text me when you want man" I skated to my house with my head phones in my ears. That was a lot to take in and of course the one girl i like has to be.. When i looked up Victoria was strolling down the sidewalk with a cigarette in her hand. I stopped just in time to not hit her. She smiled when she saw me. "Hey you" I waved and started to shake from how terrified i was of her. She noticed "You okay?" I nodded slowly "I a-actually have to get home.." My lieing was horrible and i kept stuttering. She played with her fingers and looked upset as she stared at the ground. "Yeah i get it. See you in biology on Monday." She slowly turned around and for some reason i was upset for blowing her off. "W-wait!" She turned around and i could see her eyes were a bit teared up. "oh yeah?" I picked up my board. "Unless you want to go for a walk a bit,i can always call my mom" She kept playing with her fingers. "You don't have to hangout with me i don't need your pity.." I looked stunned. " Oh well i actually wanted to talk to you about some stuff.." She looked up. "Oh? About?" I scratched the back of my head nervously. She nodded "I know a place if it's personal" We walked to the fisherman bridge,where obviously fishers went to fish. We sat and she waited for me to start talking. "Well i don't really know his name but Eric introduced him to me and he said he use to be your step brother.." Her eyes shot wide and she stood up quickly. "What was he saying!" I flinched and shook a little. She watched my actions and sighed. "Obviously something bad if your afraid of me" She sat back down "He told us about your 10th birthday.. I'm sorry we just wanted to know more about you and i still do.." She shook her head. "Your going down a dangerous road were you don't wanna go. "But i want to know" She shook her head again. "No you don't" I stood up and with confidence i said "Yes,Yes i do. Please tell me" She smiled "Well this will take a while,so sit back down"

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