Let's hope we meet again stranger.

Chapter 2


by: Needles
I laid in my bed repeating her name in my head. I was looking forward to biology tommorow. Maybe i could have a conversation with her. I daydreamed of random conversations we would have,about what we were doing tommorow or how our day was going. I would keep my cool like Eric does and she would blush and giggle,as she twirled her hair. I smiled a confident smile as i daydreamed about me kissing her than i opened my eyes. Kiss her.. Hm. Lately my goal was just to say hello. A bob marley song filled the silence of my room. I hunted everywhere for my phone knowing it was Eric. That was his theme song. I finally found it in my jackets pocket. "Hello?" I heard heavy winds on his end. "Finally! You wanna hang? I have a friend who has a little information on victoria" He rolled the R in her name which made me laugh a little,since he was bad at rolling his R's. "Okay,tony's?" He snorted "Of course,where else?" I hung up and pulled my vans out of the closet. I opened the garage door and jumped on my skateboard as it rolled down the drive way. "Be back soon!" I yelled at my mom in the kitchen. She waved and closed the garage door. I texted my friend amanda and todd as i skated towards Tony's. Tony's was a pizza joint,which Eric and I have always hung out at since we where in 6th grade. Hm thinking about it,it's been 5 years. Funny how time goes by. I rolled by houses which I remembered people who moved away years ago. Time seems to go by so damn fast,i just can't keep up. I laughed as i rolled down a hill and into Tony's parking lot. I saw Eric leaning against the wall with a slice of cheese pizza. His mouth was greasy from it. He smiled with food in his mouth and waved like a idiot. I laughed so hard i fell off my board. I wiped a tear out of my eye and laid on the ground. "Your such an idiot!!" I laughed as he winked at me and pulled me up.
"Funny cause i'm not the one who just fell off there board and riped there brand new jeans." He smirked. "crap! My mom just bought me these" He shook his head with amusement in his eyes. "And you ripped them breaking her heart!" He laughed and finished his pizza. I kicked him in the knee making him fall on his a**. I laughed and smiled. "That's what you get." We both got up and walked into Tony's. The owner greeted us with a smile and seated us in the usual place we sat. A boy with long hair and glasses on sat on the left side of the booth. He had a guitar leaning against the table and his jeans had a million of rips and tares. His shirt said legalize it with a pot leaf. He nodded at me and held up a peace sign. "Uhm hi?" I wanted to laugh at how ridiculous he looked but held it in. I slid in the other side of the booth, Eric joining me. "So whatcha got on our Victoria?" I scowled at him. "My Victoria." i corrected. He smiled and punched me in the arm. "Well our parents were married at one time in life" So whoa what? "So that makes you guys step brother and sister?" Eric said my question for me. I stared dumbfounded at him. "We use to be. Her dad married my mom. They seemed in love but my mother never felt comfortable around Victoria. Victoria was always sweet as can be, but even i had a bad vibe about her.." Eric seemed interested in our conversation. He leaned back and got comfortable. "What happened to your parents marriage? Did they get a divorce?" He wiggled in his seat uncomfortably. "Well my mom actually died.." Eric instantly had the look of sympathy on his face. "I'm sorry man.." He waved it off and smiled. "Thanks. But let me finish." We both shook our heads. "Well they were married since Victoria was nine and I sixteen. One day on her tenth birthday she came home drenched in blood. Everyone at the party screamed and her dad went to her but my mom stood there horrified but refused to go to her. Even i went to her.But my mom just never moved from her spot." Eric scooted closer." Who's or what blood was it?" The guy looked down at his hands. "Well we asked around if they've seen her recently. An old lady down the street who use to take in tons of stray cats looked horrified when we brought Victoria to her steps. 'Get her away from me!' 'The devil's child!' Apparently Victoria slit three of the cats necks." We all looked stunned. "did Victoria say anything to the old lady?" Eric asked more questions,curious. He nodded his head " She stopped looking down at the ground and smiled at the old lady her response was 'I just wanted to play with them' Even i was terrified of her at this point. Her dad was in shock. 'it must have been an accident' her father pleaded. But Victoria pointed at the old lady and started screaming. That night i went to my real father's house and stayed there for a couple of weeks. Scared for my life." I looked down at my fingers,they were shaking. "For your life? Don't you think your exaggerating a bit?" I pleaded trying to convince him she was sweet,she was innocent! But he stared at me with no hope in his eyes.

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