Let's hope we meet again stranger.

Chapter 1


by: Needles
She walked up the highschool steps with a skip in here step. Her long brown hair flowing in the wind and her lips shiny from lip gloss. She wore converse with non matching socks and a we came as romans band tee. Her skirt had a chain connecting it and tons of braclets hung tightly around her wrist. Most were colorful. A couple of giggling blondes pointed and laughed but the girl kept humming to herself with a smile on her face. She was beautiful. "Dude close your mouth" My friend Eric laughed as he put a arm around my neck. "You crushin on a freshman?" He cocked an eyebrow. I shoved his arm off my shoulder "No" I mumbled. " I'm not makin fun,she's a cutie" He smiled and punched me in the arm. "come on were gonna be late." We ran to biology together. "Dude did you see amber?" He whistled and i could see he was daydreaming of a fantasy that i did not want to know about. He kept talking about Amber until we walked into the class. I saw her. My heart dropped and my mouth went dry. She sat all alone. Both seats on either side was free. Hmm.. Nope.I quickly walked past her. My heart pounded in my chest. Eric pulled me next to her and pushed me in the seat. He sat on the other side of her. She smiled a sweet smile at both of us. "Hello" Her voice was cheerful and upbeat. She kept smiling as she waited for a response. "Hey cutie" Eric leaned on one arm and grinned. "H-Hey" Damn. Why am i stuttering? She giggled. " You okay?" I shook my head and quickly looked at the board. For the rest of the period Eric and her had conversations about things around the room,i stayed silent. When the bell rang,I watched her wave and walk out the door. I ran after her,shaking all over. "Wait!" She turned around and looked surprised. "What's your name?" My tone was softer. "Victoria" she replyed.

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