List if people to be friended

List if people to be friended

Please friend them they're so nice :)

Chapter 1

Ok so....

- Lilyfern (ravensasha1 ):
She's so sweet and very nice! She looks at lots of quizzes and has a cat named Sasha! She doesn't have too many friends so clicks that link please!

- mikey33 ( mikey33 ):
He's really good at making Quizzes and super-original. He's also really nice, and I'm pretty sure he's not 42 :)

- WillFey ( Wolfie_Rawr ):
I'm sure most of you know this guy! He's really nice and funny. Don't let the eye freak you out, he's so nice!

- LittleMissSmile ( HeyItsDecii ):
What can I say? An all-around nice person with an awesome personality!

-Salocin (cin86 ):
He's really good at writing stories, plus his profile picture is funny :)

- Your_Emo_Guardian ( BloodRose14 ):
She's one of my BFFs and so nice! I love her so much, my sister!


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