Even the Most Normal People Can Save the World

Long long time ago, in Anicient Greece, a ruthless ruler was put down but swore that one day he would make his vengeance. As the earth took him in, his soul detatched from his body and went to hell. Centuries and Centuries later, his soul is looking to come back and destroy the modern world as we know it. Can 8 people between the ages of 13-18 save the world from crashing? Along with saving the world, can these normal teenagers find love and themselves along the way?

Chapter 3

Laura Parish

"Parry! Wake up...we have to go!" My sister said, shaking me awake and pulling the blankets off of me.

"Hey!! Lanie!" I groaned, trying to pull the blanket back over my head.

"Uh-uh," Lanie scolded as she stole my pillow. "It's not my fault you stay up until all hours of the night writing, when you've got to help me open the restaraunt at 6."

I rubbed my hands over my eyes. I was so tired, I had been writing until 3 and then...I couldn't fall asleep until 5...1 hour of sleep.

Great. Just great. I stumbled out of bed as Lanie chucked my uniform at me. "Hey, hey...I'm up, calm down." I muttered. As I slipped out of my pajamas.

"Be down in 2 minutes!" Lanie called over her shoulder as she left.

"Yes, ma'am." I muttered under my breath. I quickly braided my hair and bolted down the stairs.

My sister Lanie and I had moved to Greece when I had finished high-school. I was ahead of my class and graduated at 17...we'd been here for about 7 months, she'd been aranging to open a restaraunt for a long time. Now she was doing it...and she used me as her waitress. Lucky. Me.

I couldn't really complain...when our parents died Lanie was 16, we lived with our aunt and uncle until Lanie took custody of me. She had put her whole life on hold for me...I could work as a waitress for her.

"Isn't it nice to be up early?" Lanie smiled as she held the door open for me.

I yawned, "yeah..but only if you get enough sleep."

"That's your own fault."

"Yeah, yeah." I grumbled as Lanie grinned while she ruffled my hair.

"I love ya kid. Oh, καλημέρα" (Good morning) Lanie hollered to an older gentleman.

I pulled my bag higher on my shoulder as we passed the docks. Greece was beautiful. I loved the warmth here, it seemed to radiate off of everything.

I waved at a young man working on a boat. "Όμορφη μέρα" (Beautiful day!) I hollered as I followed my sister. My Greek...was alright...I'd only been learning it for about a year or two since I found out that's where Lanie wanted to move. I seemed to have a pretty good grip on the language already.

Words...they were the only things that made sense to me. In a world full of numbers, colors and sounds. Letters and words were the only things that made sense.

(here: http://www.polyvore.com/laura_parish/set?id=75560532)

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