Even the Most Normal People Can Save the World

Long long time ago, in Anicient Greece, a ruthless ruler was put down but swore that one day he would make his vengeance. As the earth took him in, his soul detatched from his body and went to hell. Centuries and Centuries later, his soul is looking to come back and destroy the modern world as we know it. Can 8 people between the ages of 13-18 save the world from crashing? Along with saving the world, can these normal teenagers find love and themselves along the way?

Chapter 29

Winter Wendy Whilst

I took a breath as Cameron and I walked out of the diner. I turned my head as we stopped at the road were I was guessing we had to separate. I bit my lip and ran a hand through my hair before whispering

"Again, I'm sorry for hitting you with the door and uh I'll see you later Cameron."

I gave him a kind smile before waving good bye and walked down the right, stone path on my way to the host home. I emerged into the kitchen, 20 minutes later only to be crashed into a hug by Raissa and then Acacia.

"Χειμώνα! Ήμασταν τόσο ανησυχούν ότι η καταιγίδα είχε έχετε πάρει!" (Winter! We were so worried that the storm had gotten you!) Raissa exclaimed

I smiled gently and answered, "Δεν το έκανε, και είμαι εντάξει" (It didn't, and I am okay.)

They both heaved out deep breaths before Acacia hugged me again and whispered in English, though her English wasn't the best, "Where you been?"

I smiled gently and shrugged, "αμάν..." I paused and answered, "το αρτοποιείο" (oh... the bakery)

She nodded and I took a seat and relaxed for the time being.


Soon evening fell, and I threw on a faded denim jacket and called, "Θα ξεκινήσετε" (I'm heading out)

"να είναι ασφαλή!" (Be safe!) Raissa called out from the dining room.

I nodded my head in thought before heading to the diner, to see Laura and Christopher already there...

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