Even the Most Normal People Can Save the World

Long long time ago, in Anicient Greece, a ruthless ruler was put down but swore that one day he would make his vengeance. As the earth took him in, his soul detatched from his body and went to hell. Centuries and Centuries later, his soul is looking to come back and destroy the modern world as we know it. Can 8 people between the ages of 13-18 save the world from crashing? Along with saving the world, can these normal teenagers find love and themselves along the way?

Chapter 2

Winter Wendy Whilst

I woke up early to see the sun just rising. I turned in my bed and heard the soft snores of my "sister", Acacia. She was 16 like me and her dark hair fell over her closed green eyes as her chest moved up and down.

She was my host sister. I'm here in Greece until the end of the year before I have to go back to Michigan. This is just an experience to try and put on my resume for college starting next year.

I looked at my phone and read the time to see it was 7:10 on a Saturday morning, March 9th. The school year would almost be over.

I got out of bed quietly not wanting to wake up my host sister and snuck into the kitchen to see my host mom, Raissa cooking breakfast. I smiled as I spoke in greek (I never knew Greek before I came here)

"Καλημέρα, καλό πρωινό μυρίζει" (Good Morning Breakfast smells good)

Raissa turned around and smiled, "ευχαριστώ αγαπητέ" (thank you dear)

I smiled and nodded, "Εγώ είμαι πρόκειται να κάνετε μια βόλτα το πρωί" (I'm going to take a morning stroll)

She nodded and hummed yes in Greek and I smiled and slipped on my shoes and headed outside and was met by the warm early spring Greek air. I knew in Michigan the ice and snow would just be beginning to melt.

I started walking down the street, thinking about how the past months have gone for me in Greece and wondered if anything exciting would happen with the last few months left.

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