Even the Most Normal People Can Save the World

Long long time ago, in Anicient Greece, a ruthless ruler was put down but swore that one day he would make his vengeance. As the earth took him in, his soul detatched from his body and went to hell. Centuries and Centuries later, his soul is looking to come back and destroy the modern world as we know it. Can 8 people between the ages of 13-18 save the world from crashing? Along with saving the world, can these normal teenagers find love and themselves along the way?

Chapter 1

Meet your Characters

Authors: myself, PoetryGirl_16, Red, yutty, dreamergirl, cin86, lannykid312,cjcj

Name: Winter Wendy Whilst
Nickname: Wint
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long Blonde "Almost White Hair" Fair Skin, Rosie Cheeks, Light Purple Eyes, Average in the height and weight.
Personality: Shy, Modest, Insecure, Kind, Helpful, Intelligent, Caring, Hardworking, Easy-going, Reliable
Why is She in Greece?: Studying there as a foreign exchange student from Michigan
Strengths: Good Finder, Great Listener, Never backs down, never gives up, knowledge
Weaknesses: Swimming, Climbing, Heavy Objects, Illogical things
Fears: Fire and Water
Family: 2 older brothers, 2 younger sisters, right in the middle, parents are divorce, dad is an ex pro football player.
Love?: Cameron Ben James

Name: Laura Parish
Nickname: Parry
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: average height, average build, dark curly brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, shadows under her eyes
Personality: Introvert, Sarcastic, Blunt, Hardworking, Odd, Diligent, Loyal, Watchful, Gentle, Caring
Why is She in Greece?: She's a writer she went to Greece to write and she's also an artist (when her sister moved there to start a restaraunt Laura went with her when she moved).
Strengths: Stubborn, can read people well, recognizes a person's character
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Doesn't trust easily, a tad shy,
Fears: Fire, Nightmares, Losing her sister, Losing someone she loves
Family: An older sister Lanie (26) her parents were killed in a car accident in the U.S. when she was 7. She has an Aunt and an Uncle with 3 kids.
Love? (Optional): Possibly one of the guy characters or a made up person.

Name: Riley Summer Leone
Nickname: Ri Ri, Summer, Leo
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Knee Length, Very Light Blonde Hair with Purple Tips, Big and Bright Blue Eyes, Slender, Flexible, 5' 6", Hourglass Shape, Fair Skin
Personality: Kind, Intelligent, Caring, Honest, Pure, Quiet, Shy, Brave
Why is She in Greece?: Studying Architecture, she originally comes from Germany
Strengths: Intelligence, Swimming, Climbing, Great Eyesight, Flexible
Weaknesses: She has a tight muscles in her legs so she cant run for long.
Fears: Drowning and Death
Family: Mom and Dad, Brother Brandon (Age 17)
Love? (Optional): None yet.

Name:Cameron Ben James
Nickname:Cam, Ron, Ben.
Appearance:Blond messy hair, green eyes, pale, tall(in an awkward kind of way), skinny.
Personality:Intelligent, shy, kind, modest, doesn't trust easily.
Why is he in Greece?:His Mother found work there.
Strengths:Swimming, his smarts, and art.
Weaknesses:Learning to trust, any sport, except swimming, heights.
Family:An only child, but has a single Mom, who works at a hotel.
Love?:When he meets her, Winter Wendy Whilst.

Name: Elizabeth Rose Rolie
Nickname: Lizzy, Beth, Rosey
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: long platinum blode hair, Emerald green eyes, 5' 5 1/2", lithe, not tan but not pale skin
Personality: Extremly loyal, a bit over protective, kind, willing to give anything for the ones she cares about, mischevious, Smart,
Why is She in Greece?: Because she wanted to be. She love Greek mytholigy.
Strengths: Trivia, all kinds of puzzles, endurance, coming off as more innocent than she is, knowing things, tricking people [bad guys!]
Weaknesses: letting people down, not being accepted, her friends/family getting hurt
Fears: Heights and bees
Family: Mom- Alice Rolie_Is in Africa, getting food and medicine to people who need it. Dad-Dave Rolie_*same as mom, Brother-Johny (6) Is with Elizaabeth and her uncle, Uncle-Josh (23) Is being a guardian for Elizabeth.
Love? (Optional): Calix Resalli

Name: Gavin Elijah Wylde
Nickname: Eli
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Light blond hair shaggy, bright green eyes, 4’11, wears graphic t-shirts, jeans, and an over shirt.
Personality: Quiet but funny and sarcastic, likes magic, carries tricks around in his backpack.
Why is he in Greece?: Moved there with his older brother Tyler so Tyler could go back to college.
Strengths: Always willing to help someone, won’t give up if someone is in danger no matter what. Fast reflexes. Able to think outside the box.
Weaknesses: Not very strong, not many people take him seriously when he tries to help them. Has Aspergers. Doesn’t swim very good.
Fears: Is deathly afraid of the dark, carries flashlights with him at all times in his backpack. Deep water. Not being accepted for being gay.
Family: His older brother Tyler (24) who is his guardian after their parents were killed in a car accident three years ago. Tyler had been in Greece for college then and put it on hold for a while.

Name: Calix Resalli
Nickname: Cal or Calix
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark brown hair, dark green eyes, thin and muscular, fair skin, six feet tall
Personality: out-going, humourous, intelligent, athletic, loyal, protective
Why is he in Greece? Because he lives there
Strengths: strong, fast, good with swords
Weaknesses: too loyal, cares to much about his family
Family: mom, dad, grandma, little sister (9)
Love: Elizabeth Rose Rolie

Name: Christopher Capone
Nickname: CJ
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: Sea green eyes, Tan skin, muscular, tall
Personality: quiet, akward, brave
Why is he in Greece?: his father is captain in the us navy and his mom was the greek ammbasator
Strengths: great swimmer, strong, good at compromising and solving arguments
Weaknesses: tries not to get attatched to anyone, so he tries to be alone a lot
Fears: Loosing people
Family: Single dad, mother died
Love? (Optional): none yet

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