VanderGroove Academy

Maye never thought she'd be accepted by VanderGroove Academy, but that's only because she never sent an application. What going on with this school, and why did they want her? And what's with these guys all staring at her like she's a mutant?

Chapter 1

The Acception Letter?

Darkness doesn't always stand for evil, nor does light stand for good.

The night was still dark when it happened, the night storming. Clouds filled the sky, lighting crackled, and the thunder boomed. "Geez," Maye said as she closed all the shutters and locked all the doors. "God's doing some serious thinking tonight." she muttered as she approached the front door. She was five feet away when, Bang Bang Bang the door flew open. Rain water flew through the door, a dark figure standing in the doorway, lightning brightened the man's features for a mere seconds. Maye stood wide eyes, suddenly terrified and insecure in her bright purple bathrobe. "W-who are you?" She demanded with a shaky voice. The man held out his hand, and envelope fluttered in it. Maye stared at it, unable to move. He put it on the table beside the door, grabbed the knob, and walked out while closing the door behind himself. Maye stared bewildered at the closed door, getting her courage she ran to it and opened it. That guy couldn't have gotten too far, but once she wrenched it open... he was no where in sight. She slammed the door and locked it.

Maye looked at the envelope in her hands. The paper was browned in age, and in neat cursive letters was: Maye Joanne, Can't wait to have you with us. She licked her lips. 'What does that mean?' she thought. She carefully opened it, half expecting something to jump out. She pulled out the paper inside, it was a darker brown. She read the cursive writing on it carefully:

Dear Maye,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to VanderGroove Academy! We will be expecting you in two weeks, and we will send someone to collect you. We have reviewed all of you academic records, and you reach our standards and expectation.
Sincerely, Headmaster James.

" What the...?" Maye said, she hadn't sent an application to VanderGroove. In fact, she barely knew anything about it. She went to her computer and typed in the school's name and read what she could:

VanderGroove Academy
VanderGroove is a high standard school, it takes everything to get a scholarship, for those who attend are...

Before Maye could finish, her laptop screen fuzzed before shutting off. "Aw,What!" she shouted. "There is no way my new computer crashes on me." she muttered angrily. 'Why does this school even want me? I live by myself for Pete's sake!' She closed her computer and put the letter on the desk, checked all the doors and windows before going the bed.


Maye Joanne (17)
Bright red hair, big blue eyes, small frame, freckles.
Comfortable clothes
Tends to stick to herself, but opens up around other people when she gets close enough
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