The government has always watched over us, monitoring our phone calls and emails. Watching everyone 24/7. But when two men uncover a government secret that was never supposed to be revealed, they put them and their families lives in danger. Can they escape before the government kills them?

Chapter 4

Clayton Janes

The name just lingered in my mind for a second. The government had files of my daughter already, even though she just turned 19. What could they possibly have in there.

Naturally I decided to look. She was my daughter. I have a right to now. Hastly I opened the folder and 3 papers dropped down to the tile. I bent down and started picking up when a tall, old man busted through the door.

"What do you think you're doing, maggot?" He hollered at me.

Quickly I came up with a believable lie. "I knocked them over when I was reading the newspaper. Can you believe those cattle prices!"

The man seemed to ponder this, then walked by me and sat in the swirly chair. He yanked the folder out of my hand and threw it into the drawer.

"How may I be of assitance?" He asked me.

"Do you happend to be General Hoffman?"

He belched out a laugh and then slammed his hands on the desk. "You the delivery guy?

The DELIVERY GUY? Is that how I was seen, as only the delivery guy? No, I'm more than that. This guy doesn't realize this, but he's threw the worst diatribe for a trucker at me.

Holding back my anger I told him, "Yes, that's, um, me"

"Right, sonny. I'll take those papers and signed so you can get you kiester out of here. Now hand me the pen and the documents and you can get off this premises immediatly."

I handed him the clipboard, just wanting to get away from the whack job. Who put him in charge of whatever is in this base.

He scribbled for about 5 minutes and threw the clipboard at me.

"Now unhitch your trailer and give me the key and you can finally get out of my hair." The general barked at me

"My trailer?" I asked? "Sir, I need that trailer, it's mine and I need it for my work."

The general sent me a malevolent glare. I could feel the fear rush through me. Hoffman was defenitally intimidating.

"In case you didn't here me Scalp, I will need you to leave your trailer here! Either that, or we get you arrested for disobeying a superior. Comprendo?"

I wanted to choke that man, and I'm pretty sure the law he said was made up. But I became the bigger man and gave him my keys which he took with hesitation. Hoffman then threw me a sarcastic smile and exited the room leaving me alone.

This was probably the only chance I had. I went to his desk and grabbed Emily's profile. I took out the three papers and put the folder back in the desk. Finally I stuck the papers on the clipboard with the paperwork the general had just signed, and left the office.

The soldiers already had taken the trailer off by the time I came out. One soldier came up to me and handed me my keys and told me "To Leave." I was glad to be able to. I hopped into the truck and started heading out the door.

When I passed the gate, I started to call the first person I could think of. I had to tell someone, the government has files on my daughter. The phone started ringing, one ring. Two rings. Three rings. It felt like he wasn't going to pick up.

"Heyo?" Answered a voice.

"Hey, Marshall, you'll never guess what just happend."

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