The government has always watched over us, monitoring our phone calls and emails. Watching everyone 24/7. But when two men uncover a government secret that was never supposed to be revealed, they put them and their families lives in danger. Can they escape before the government kills them?

Chapter 3

Emily Janes

I was out hunting and had just shot a deer. As I was walking over to gut and skin it, I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. I pulled it out; it read 'You have 1 missed text', I checked it, 'Gather your family and meet me at the abandoned warehouse in South-point'. I checked to see who sent it. Sender: CLASSIFIED.

Something wasn't right. I decided to call my dad and ask him to come back to the house so we could sort it out.

"Hey Em, you know I'm driving right?" I groaned, something I usually do when I find out Dad's driving again.

"Shut up; where are you?"

"Classified Emily; too busy, got to go," then he hung up on me.

I was driving my truck back home with the deer strapped to the back, when a black jet rocketed past overhead. I quickly drove home to make sure nothing was wrong. When I got home I realized I was just being paranoid. Nothing was wrong with our house and the rest of my family was fine. I realized that nothing should have been wrong. I couldn't help but feel though, like I needed Dad at the house; in case something did go wrong. We have guns, but only me and Dad use them. I just hope he gets home soon.

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