The government has always watched over us, monitoring our phone calls and emails. Watching everyone 24/7. But when two men uncover a government secret that was never supposed to be revealed, they put them and their families lives in danger. Can they escape before the government kills them?

Chapter 1

Clayton Janes

Being a trucker isn't really half bad. You get to travel everywhere across the nation and still get paid to do it. There was one major downside to the job though, I never get to see my family.

I got a reminder of this seconds later when my phone decided to taze my pants. I pulled out my phone and saw my 19 year old daughter, Emily, trying to call me. They say you can't text and drive at the same fine, but for my family I'll break any law.

"Hey, Em. You know I'm driving right?"

I could hear her groan, I pull that joke all the time, and she knows I'll pull it "Shut up. Where are you?"

"Classified, Emily. Too busy, Got to go." And with that I hung up the phone and kept on driving. This was a big job, for me and my family. Being trusted with top secret government weapons is a huge privelage and gives big money.

I looked to my left and saw the giant red sign that read, "Turn away, NOW" but I knew I was one of the few privelaged to go on.

The land was barren. covered in desert dust and tumbleweeds. Rocks and vultures were everywhere. Mountains glistened in the background. The only thing that stood out was the gigantic military fort that towered over me.

I drove up to the entry way and at least 20 soldiers came out with metal detectors and gadgets I've never seen before, swiping them across the trailer and on the bottom.

"Name? What are you here for?" One of the soldiers asked.

"Clayton Janes, delivery." I answered.

He walked away and soon joined the others in searching my car for invisible bugs and weapons and people that weren't there.

I sat back and yanked my feet onto the dashboard and layed back. This shouldn't take that long. I turned on the radio but one of the soldiers banged on the window and dictated, "Turn that machine off!"

"Gees, it's just a radio." I answered and turned it down. These guys had guns and I was unarmed. Not really wanting to be on their bad side.

20 minutes later and they were still doing the same thing. Going over the same exact spots they were. I was started to get ticked off. Now I see why I was the only guy to apply for this job.

Finally the impatientness took over and I "yelled. HEY!" If ya'll are going to order some weapons, then if a truck comes to deliver them don't suspect them of smuggling. Now finish the freaking job and I can get home to my family. Kapish?"

A soldier walked to the front and waved me on. Arrogance does have it's advantages. The soldier led me to a platform in the midle of an armory. I jumped out with the paper work and asked the soldier "You know where I can find a General Hoffman.?"

"He won't be coming, but he sent me in his place." He replied.

"What do you think I am, a rookie? Give me the guy who ordered it or no deal." I argued.

I knew this trick. You only give the product to the person who orders it, even if pre-ordered.This leads to identity theft and theft period. And I'd lose my job so yeah, I needed this Hoffman fellow.

The soldier ran off without a word. Guess I would have to find him myself. I walked around the armory, asking people if they've seen Hoffman or knew where he was. No one did.

When I was about to give up, I asked this one man, around the age of 25. He told me he was probably in the lab. Where that was, I had no clue.

I came up to two doors I thought it could've been.They looked exactly the same, the only difference was one was on the left and the other was on the right. "Enny, Meany, Miney, Moe!"

I ran through the right door and to my dissapointment, it was an office. I walked in trying to see if there was anyone in there. All I could see was folders, newspapers and a nametag on the desk that said Hoffman. Maybe if I wait here long enough he'll come in.

I made myself cozy in his chair. Might as well relax a bit. I reached for the newspaper and started reading it. The biggest headline was "Cow Sale Up 10%" So I gave up on that quickly.

I threw the newspaper back on the desk and all the papers fell on the floor, Quickly I started putting them back, but my eye fell on a document. I picked up the folder and read outloud, "Emily Janes"

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