May We Live, Not Just Survive

May We Live, Not Just Survive

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Chapter 1

Getting Out

by: Salocin
Chase Anderson motioned for his family. They had been hiding behind a building as he and Abby Myers took out the five zombies that had been wondering around a warehouse they had found.

They broke in and looked around.

"Looks like it's clear." Abby said as she and her best friend Hope Anderson pushed a crate against the door to secure it since they had broken the lock.

They found an inner office and settled down for the night only to be woken by loud crashes and groans.

The zombies had broken through the outer wall of the warehouse and some of them were now starting to swarm around the office they were holed up in. Uly started screaming, remembering 3 months ago when their parents were killed. Hope grabbed him, putting a hand over his mouth as he held him close.

Chase looked around trying to find some way out. He cursed himself for falling asleep, for putting his family in danger. He looked over at them not knowing what to say when he didn’t find a way to save them. He looked over at his wife Dani who was seven months pregnant and then to Abby his sister-in-law who he loved as much as a real sister. Finally he looked at his little brothers. Hope was holding Ulysses trying to calm him down. It didn't appear to be working since they both had tears streaming down their faces.

He started tearing the office apart looking for a way out, he couldn't give up, not ever. It was when he moved the desk that he found it, It was a trapdoor, one of the legs had lifted up a corner of the rug and uncoverd it. Quickly he pushed aside the rest of the desk and uncovered it.

"Come on everybody, we're getting out of here." Chase said as he busted the lock with a paperweight.

It led down some stairs and into a long corridor. They raced down it, not sure how long it would be till the zombies found the trapdoor. It seemed to go on for miles.

Chase led the way machete out in case there were any zombies ahead. He looked back to see how everyone was doing. Abby shared a look with him, they both knew Dani couldn't keep up this pace for too much longer; already Abby was supporting much of her sister's weight.

Chase nodded in response to the unspoken question; he looked behind them to Hope and Uly who weren't fairing much better due to lack of sleep and the fact that the family had been running around all day. Since they hadn't seen or heard anything since they had gone through the trapdoor, Chase decided to stop in one of the supply rooms they had just passed.

Everyone settled down and took turns on watch for the night. As soon as everyone was rested enough and they made sure it was safe they pressed on through the corridor. After a few more hours they saw an exit sign above a door.

"Hope come with me. The rest of you stay here." Chase said adjusting his backpack and checking his gun.

Chase held the gun ready as Hope pushed the door open. They walked out into the bright sun looking around for any danger. It had led to another warehouse, which opened to the outskirts of a small town near some woods.

It was clear.

They went back in to get the others.

"Everything seems pretty quiet out there." Hope said helping gathering everything together.

"Let's hope it stays that way." Dani said pulling Uly to her side.

Chase and Hope led the way with Dani and Uly right behind them. Abby brought up the rear, on the lookout for anything that might try and seek up on them. When they still didn't see anything after staying in the outskirts a while they ventured deeper into the town. They saw a store up ahead and started for that hoping there'd be something useful left.

"What is it Uly?" Dani asked when he started tugging on her sleeve. He didn't say anything, just pointed to the left of the group.

"Chase! It looks like we've got company." Dani said as she looked at what Uly was pointing to.

"Are they Human or Zombie?" Abby asked.

"Don't know, can't tell yet, they're too far away." Chase answered.

Everyone readied their weapons, trying to be prepared as who ever or whatever they were came closer.

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