Girl Confessions (Repost From mystery_dancer)

Yeah... I'm bored again...

Chapter 1

Girly Confessions- All Perverts Shall DIE.

1. Do you sleep in your bra?- Um... yeah...
2. Does your dad know you like boys yet?-Yes, but he likes my boyfriend.
3. Do you enjoy drama?- No.
4. Are you a girly girl?- Not really, but I'm not a tomboy, either.
5. Small or large purses?- That depends on what I'm using it for.
6. Are you short?- No, I'm about average for my age (5'4).
7. Do you like somebody?- Didn't I just say I had a boyfriend?
8. Do you care if your socks are dirty?- It depends on how dirty they are, and with what on them...
9. Do you like Halloween?- Yeah. It's fun to dress up. Plus I am a choco-holic!
10. Are you double jointed?- Yep. I can pop my thumb out of place.
11. Where is the weirdest place you've slept?- Outside, on a bench, during recess in intermediate school.
12. Has anyone touched/slapped your butt in the past 24 hours?- No...
13. Is there any type of rumor going around about you?- I don't know for sure, but some popular girls keep calling my best friend and I "lesbians", even though we both have boyfriends.
14. Do you call anyone by their last name?- Only my teachers.
15. How many guys will read this just because it says "GIRL CONFESSIONS"?- Probably not a lot of people, I don't have that many friends...

16. What color is the bra you're wearing?- Tan.
17. Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?- Dark haired.
18. Are you currently frustrated with a boy?- Not really.
19. Do you have a bestfriend?- Yes, but that's only because we've known each other for a longer time than any of my other friends.
20. Have you ever had your heart broken?- Sort of...
21. Have you ever thought about plastic surgery?- No. I believe that I should be happy with the way I look naturally.
22. Do you like your life?- I do now, but I used to not...
23. Have you ever jumped in a pool with your clothes on?- No, unless you count swimsuits as clothes...
24. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys?- It's sort of equal if you count my acquaintances...
25. How long have you had a Facebook?- About one or two years, but I don't get on it that often.
26. Have you ever slapped a boy in your life?- No...
27. What are your biggest fears?- Being betrayed again, losing my friends/family, crowds, and facing depression again.
28. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?- Many times, but I haven't recently.
29. Have you ever not been able to get someone off your mind?- Yeah, but in a good way.
30. Do you believe in the saying " Once a cheater, always a cheater"?- I have trust issues, so kinda, but I try to keep an open mind about people.
31. Have you ever had a good feeling about something?- What the heck is that supposed to mean?
32. Do you ever wish you were famous?- No, but if I was, I wouldn't get a big head about it like a bunch of the famous people we have now...
33. Are you currently missing someone?- Yes, a couple of people, actually.
34. Who are you texting right now?- No one.

35. Cowboy or gangster?- Cowboys are probably nicer, but I don't really like either...
36. Face or body?- Face, but I don't care about looks, really...
37. Sweet or sexy?- Sweet.
38. Contacts or glasses?- For them? I don't care.

39. Eyeliner or mascara?- Mascara, but I don't like makeup.
40. Pink or black?- Black. I don't like the color pink.
41. Pumps or flats?- Flats, but I'd prefer tennis shoes or boots...
42. Skirts or pants?- Pants, definitely.
43. Socks or leggings?- Socks?
44. Hoodies or jackets?- Both? I don't care...
45. Heels or sneakers?- Sneakers.
46. Straight or curly?- For what? Hair? I'd prefer straight...
47. Black or white?- Black, but I'm not emo...
48. Smoothies or lattes?- Smoothies! Especially mango... Oh crap, now I want a mango smoothie really bad...
49. Diet or regular soda?- Either. I don't care.
50. Water or Daiquiri?- Water?
51. Pearls or diamonds?- I don't really care...
52. Mary-Kate or Ashley?- Neither.
53. iPod or cellphones?- iPod. I love music.
54. Friends or Family?- Depends. I care more about loyalty and kindness than anything else in relationships...
55. Lip gloss or lip stick?- Oh, please... Neither.
56. Manicures or pedicures?- Manicures. Nobody's going to see my toes.
57. Tank tops or beaters?- Uhh... what's a beater?
58. Big sunglasses or small?- Small, but I have transition lenses on my glasses, so I don't need sunglasses.
59. Sunglasses or purses?- Don't care.

IN A GUY.....
60. Funny or serious?- I prefer a mixture. I want them to be funny, but they have to also know when it's time to cut back on the humor.
61. Romantic or dare-devil?- Romantic, I guess.
62. Dark eyes or light eyes?- Like I said, I don't usually care about looks, but I guess I would choose dark.
63. Long hair or short hair?- Short. Guys with long hair usually creep me out... :/
64. Curly hair or straight hair?- Don't care.
65. Hockey player or football player?- Don't care.


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