ROCK ME [Niall Horan]

I do not believe Niall Horan acts accordingly to his character in this story. He is a much sweeter person than the one presented in this story. He is out of character. And if you aren't one of anxiety and tragic endings, please kindly leave.

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Chapter 1


Breaking News: Irish boyband member Niall Horan splits from One Direction.
After having some issues with the four other males in the band, Horan has an outburst and flees the property. Body guards are searching every where while Tomlinson, Styles, Malik and Payne are held in custody for investigation as Horan seems to have vanished from the face of the Earth.

Seventeen Magazine
The "Special Snowflake" of One Direction has mysteriously vanished. Confirmed resources say they saw Niall Horan fleeing concert in Chicago, Illinois with a scary glint in his eyes. We are warned to avoid interaction with the wanted male if at all possible. Horan is rumored to have completely split from the band that has made millions of girls swoon with a few unforgivable words about secrets.

Yahoo News: Niall Horan insane or simply furious?
Niall Horan of One Direction drops the bomb on his bandmates when he suddenly storms out in the middle of the concert, startling the other four boys, security, Management and the fans. The Irish boy left with a fury of swear words that left half of the crowd shocked into silence while the other half erupted into cheers, thinking it was part of their performance. They were dead wrong.

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